Food Handlers License

If stored properly, cleaning chemicals and pesticides can be stored in the dry storeroom.
What situation can result in the food service establishment being closed by an authority?

– No Water
– no power
– pest infestation
– all of these

all of these
What temperature should seafood be cooked?
145°F for 15 seconds
What is the log phase?
The phase in which bacteria actively grow and multiply in numbers
What is another term for sanitary baseboard?
How many days must all labeled foods be given from the day of manufacture?
7 days or 4 days
What type of hazard are metal shavings, staples, and push-pins?
All ready-to-eat TCS foods stored for longer than __________ hours must be labeled for rotation.
Food should never be thawed?

– on the counter
– at room temperature
– in standing water
– all of these

all of these
What type of hazard is a bone?
What type of calibrated thermometer is best used for checking the temperature of a fish fillet or hamburger patty?
Probe Thermometer
Which item is stored correctly in the cooler?
Sliced melons above shell eggs
What is the name of the space located between waste water pipes and floor drains?
What is another term for contamination?
Scombroid poisoning can be prevented by?
Keeping raw fish properly chilled and refrigerated
What’s the single most important thing every person can do to prevent foodborne illness in the establishment?
Wash their hands
Recooking or reheating a TCS abused food prevents foodborne illnesses caused by intoxicants.
What type of container is best for cooling foods through the TDZ?
Shallow metal container
What kind of illness is commonly linked with cooked rice dishes?
Non-digital bi-metallic stem thermometers are no-longer recommended for use in food service because they require constant re-calibration.
What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?
Cleaning removes visible debris, sanitizing reduces potential for pathogens
What type of training occurs by accessing the internet?
Which of the following are sporeforming food pathogens?

– Bacillus Cereus
-Clostridium perfringens
-Clostridium botulinum
– all of these

All of these
What kind of jewelry is allowed to be worn?
Plain wedding band
Egg salad that was made on Wednesday afternoon, must be used or discarded by ____________?
Tuesday or Wednesday
How many major food allergens are there?
How are parasites destroyed?
– Cooking
– Irradiating
– All of these
– Freezing Incorrect
All of these
What is the minimum cooking time and temperature for a rare roast beef?
135°F for 110 minutes
What type of hazards are associated with TCS foods?
What temperature should leftover clam chowder be reheated to?
165°F for 15
When storing food on a steam table or surrounded by ice, which container will best maintain the proper food temperatures?
Shallow, metal container
What is the maximum cold holding temperature for TCS foods?
Keeping food out of the TDZ, washing your hands, and proper cleaning & sanitizing are the top 3 ways to prevent Foodborne Illness?
What is the TDZ?
Greater than 41°F and less than 135°F
What temperature should sliced melons be stored at?
At or below 41° F
If an employee is diagnosed with E. coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, or Norovirus requires what managerial action?
What type of hazard can result from using too little sanitizer solution or exposure time to the food contact surface?
How long should you wash your hands for?

– As long as it takes to properly clean them
– Not less than twenty seconds Incorrect
– All of these
D. Twice as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself

all of these
Which organisms have a lag phase?
All bacteria can be destroyed by cooking.