body of fundamental laws setting out the principals, structures, and processes of governemt
Executive power
Power to make law and frame public policies
Judicial power
the power to interpret laws, determine their meaning, and settle disputes
Independent states that agree to form
Virginia plan
called for representation in congress by population or by the amount of money
representative government
idea that gov should not serve the will of the people
Connecticut compromise
agreement that in congress, states be represented equally in the senate and population
Magna Carta
first English charter of liberties which included such fundamental rights as trial by jury
way to change the constitution
rule of law
government and its officers must obey the
one of the 7 numbered sections of the constitution
executive agreement
carries same force of law as treaty
bill of rights
first ten amendments
formal amendment
changes to the written constitution may be made through this process
exclusive powers
powers exercised solely by the national gov
Block grant
federal aid given to states and local governments
reserved powers
powers held by the states, not granted specifically to national, government
division of powers
separation of governmental powers between national and the 50 states
exclusive powers
those powers granted in the constitution only to the national government
delegated powers
the national government has three types of
among the broad purposes of the united states governemtn spelled out in the preamble to the constitution is the obligation to
D. provide for justice and the peoples general welfare
the theory underlying modern democracies was displayed to challenge the idea that
A. those of royal birth have absolute authority to rule
the internet seems especially suited to satisfy which of these needs in a democracy
B. to be informed about the many different institutions and policies of the government
which of the following statement s about sovereign states is not true
C. a county or city is considered sovereign because it is subordinate
in a democracy the will of the majority
D. cannot be used to deprive rights to a member of a minority group
which of the following is among the purpose of government outlined in the preamble to the constitution
D. all of the above
which statement about the social contract theory is not true
the state is a natural extension of peoples family structure
which of the following statements about the internet is false?
C. the internet led to widespread on-line voting in the 2000 elections
which of the following illustrates the concept of equality f opportunity
A. public schools may not exclude students because of their sex or race
in the charter colonies, most government matters were handled by
D. The colonists
which idea is not included in the declaration of independence
B. god gives certain people the right to govern
which colony was founded mainly as a place or personal and religious freedom
C. Massachusetts
which feature did the state constitutions and articles of confederation have in common
C. Principal of popular sovereignty
After the revolutionary war the national government
A. proved too weak to deal with growing economic and political problems
Which of the following statements about George Washington
D. it followed Washington’s appointment of James Madison as the vp
With the words we the people the constitution establishes its authority on the basis of
A. popular sovereignty
The informal amendment
D. results from the daily experiences of government
the presidents cabinet is an example of informal amendment by
A. Unwritten custom
which best describes concept of limited government
C. government must operate within certain bounds set by the people
the basic constitutional rights of the people were first set out in the
C. bill of rights
Which is not true about the use of executive agreement
D. it is among the executive powers listed in the article II of con
The bill of rights guarantees all of the following except
B. the right of women to vote
States must honor the legality of one another’s civil laws because of
B. full faith and credit clause
Citizens who commit suicide and flee to new state is called
C. Extradition
the con requires the national government to guarantee
D. a republican form of government for every state
the basics of federalism
A. divides power between a national government and state
what label should appear at the place marked by the later C?
A. concurrent powers