Government By The People Chapter 7 – POLS 103 – Payne

He warned it would be Socialist
What did Ronald Reagan warn about health care reform in the early 1960s?
What remains the top source of news for most Americans?
What percentage of the public gets some news through the cell phone or other mobile device?
Print Newspaper
In the 1830’s, __ became the first mass media.
Spanish-American War
Which war was known as the first media war?
Conservative / Middle aged white males
What is the main demographic for talk radio?
Which two networks monopolized the television news business during the 1960’s and 1970’s?
In what year did Rubert Murdoch launch Fox News?
Is not a very reliable source of information (hacking/accessibility)
One of the reasons the Internet may hamper quality democracy is that it…
Conservative Republicans
Which group is most likely to claim the media is biased?
The news is biased in favor to draw a large audience
The profit motive causes news outlets
What government agency was created in the FDR administration to referee the airwaves?
To a large extent
To what extent has the US Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment protection of a free press?
Sound Byte
In media jargon, what is a small clip from a candidate speech referred to as?
Commercial Enterprise
What makes mass media in the United States so unique?