government test 3

If a television station sold commercial time to a Republican candidate for governor but refused to sell time to the Democratic candidate for governor, this station would be violating the
equal time rule
the most important selection bias in news is the
audience appeal of a story
it is estimated that over ______ percent of americans have a television
the communications decency act was struck down by the supreme court because it violated the
first amendment’s right to freedom of speech
the penny press
was created in the 19th century and facilitated widespread literacy
which statement about the telecommunications act of 1996 is false
the act required broadcasters who aired programs on controversial issues to provide time for opposing views
true or false: online sources for news are now just behind television
which of the following best describes the relationship between the government and the media in the united states today
the government does not own but regulate the content and ownership of broadcast media
the fairness doctrine required that
broadcasters who aired controversial issues provide time for opposing viewpoints
“marriage equality” is an illustration of ______
______ is the niche leader inside the beltway
the _____ regulates broadcast media
federal communications commission
the pentagon papers were released as a result of
a leak by a minor defense department staffer
google news and real clear politics are good examples of
news aggregators
most local newspapers get their national news form
wire services
the media can set the political agenda in the united states by
identifying an issue as a problem that must be solved
which of the following news sources reaches most americans
besides their ideological biases journalists also exhibit selection biases in favor of news stories they view as
having a great deal of dramatic or entertainment value
The development of media giants with access to a variety of media holdings raises the question of whether
there is enough competition among the media to produce a diverse set of views and opinions
what is one reason that political parties and politicians view Latinos as a critically important group
the latino population in the united states is large and rapidly growing
which of the following statements is true
the american states vary dramatically in the competitiveness of presidential elections, most u.s. house seats are not electorally competitive, no other democracy uses an electoral college to mediate between a national vote for presidential candidates and the actual winner, and a person becomes president when he to she receives 270 electoral votes
which of the following statements about the impact of the SOPE and PIPA protests is most accurate
the protests created a grassroots backlash that caused the bills to lose support among many members of congress
which of the following methods of participation was an important part of the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s
sit-ins and marches
which of the following is not a traditional form of political activity
visiting a candidates website
_____ is the single most important factor in predicting whether an individual votes
educational level
what was the primary venue for citizens participation in national politics until the early 1900’s
U.S. house electors
the power of the christian coalition in the 1900s was due to
its success in mobilizing a large grassroots base
evangelical protestants are more likely to be associated with _____
the republican party
true or false: voter turnout in california decreases in a presidential election when the race is not close
which of the following statements about youth participation in the 2008 presidential election is true
youth turnout rose in 2008 and most young people voted for barack obama
about _____ percent of political advertising is aimed at americans between 18-34
according to political scientists, voter registration requirements reduce voter turnout by as much as _____ percent
nearly _____ percent of americans lack high speed internet access in their homes
social capital refers to
community networks that motivate political participation
____ is the single most important political act for most americans
which of the following best describes the goal of the EMILY’s list organization
to raise money for the democratic women candidates interested in running for office
true or false: Walter Mondale received 80 percent of the evangelical christian vote in 1984 to 20 percent for ronald reagan
the socioeconomic status model explains ones political participation by examining an individuals _______
level of education, income, and occupational status
one reason that America has such low levels of political involvement and voter turnout is that
political parties are not strong enough to function effectively
as a third party candidate, ross perot captured approximately _____ percent of the popular vote in the 1992 presidential election
____ develops when the winner of an electoral race obtains more votes than any other candidate
the plurality system
______ are nonprofit independent groups that receive and distribute funds to influence the nomination, election, and defeat of a candidate
527 committees
Party activists are ________ to contribute time, energy, and effort to party affairs and ________ to hold more extreme views than the party’s rank-and-file voters.
more likely, more likely
During the nineteenth century, party machines depended heavily on ________ in order to reward loyal party supporters.
Women in the United States are ________ the ________ Party.
somewhat more likely to support, democratic
what is the ultimate goal of a political party
winning elections
The New Deal coalition was severely strained and ultimately broken apart by the ________.
vietnam war and the issue of civil rights
Strong and often corrupt urban political party organizations during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were called ________.
The United States began its tradition of the ________ during the early nineteenth century.
2 party system
Throughout its history, American politics has been dominated by ________ major political party/parties.
The establishment of the Republican Party is a good example of ________.
external mobilization
a party activist is an individual who
not only votes but also contributes time, energy, effort, and financial resources to party affairs.
Which of the following statements about party building is true?
Republicans have paid much more attention to party building than Democrats since the Eisenhower presidency.
From 1896 to 1932, the ________ Party was the nation’s majority party.
a political party is an organization
that tries to influence the government by getting its members elected to office.
State ballot access laws, such as registration fees and petition requirements, have the effect of
reducing the number of third-party and independent candidates who can run for office.
________ warned Americans against the dangers of political parties in his farewell address.
George Washington
the federalists party disappeared forever as a result of ____
the war of 1812