Health and Wellness Test 1 (old quiz questions)

The health determinant that we have LEAST control over is
genetic makeup
The nine dimensions of wellness include all of the following EXCEPT
dietary wellness
During the past 100 years, the major causes of death have shifted from ______ to _______.
infectious disease to chronic disease
Which of the following is currently America’s number one cause of death?
Heart Disease
The single most important factor in determining an individual’s level of wellness is:
A large proportion of public health policies are aimed at
preventing disease
Income and education are closely linked with health status. The _______ the poverty rate and the _______ the education level, the more likely it is a group will have poor health.
higher; lower
The first step in improving wellness by lifestyle management is to
conduct a self assessment
When evaluating health topics on the Internet, be sure to check the
qualifications of the sites author
Those with an internal locus of control believe that events turn out as they do based on
their own actions
The term stress refers to
Situations that can trigger physical and emotional reactions.
Which of the following systems are responsible for your body’s physical response to stressors?
nervous and endocrine
a stress triggered by something pleasant
General exhaustion results when:
A stressor persists over a long period.
Which of the following influences the way in which an individual responds to stress?
Personality Type.
Cultural Background.
Past Experiences.
All of these.
Which of the following are common sources of stress for most college students?
academic and time management
All of the following are recommended time management strategies EXCEPT:
avoiding unstructured time
Laughter may be the best medicine for stress because after a good laugh your
muscles are relaxed
Biofeedback helps people reduce stress by:
making them more aware of their levels of physiological arousal.
The first step in creating a personal plan for managing stress is to
identify stressors
According to Maslow, basic human needs are ranked in the following order from most urgent to least urgent:
physiological needs, safety, being loved, maintaining self-esteem, self-actualization.
Psychological normality is the same as:
being close to mentally average
The stages of Erik Erikson’s model of psychological development are experienced
Which of the following statements is an example of negative self-talk?
“I won the speech contest, but only because none of the other speakers was very good.”
A defense mechanism by which unacceptable feelings are transferred from one event or person to a less threatening one is:
Which of the following factors plays a major part in psychological disorders?
genetics, biology, culture
A condition that causes the sufferer to worry excessively and uncontrollably about future threats is called:
generalized anxiety disorder
People are most likely to develop posttraumatic stress disorder after
Schizophrenia is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT:
extremely high energy levels
Which of the following is a risk factor that increases the likelihood of suicide?
suicide of a family member or friend
If the air temperatures is 75F, cooked or refrigerated foods should not be left at room temperature for more than
2 hours
What is the main nutrition-related problem likely to be encountered by a vegan if his or her diet is not carefully selected?
insufficient intake of b12
Salt consumption is most often from:
processed and prepared foods
Human body weight is composed of approximately __________ water.
50-60 percent
Help regulate body functions
The primary function of vitamins is:
To regulate various chemical reactions within cells.
Fiber can help:
Prevent constipation by increasing fecal bulk.
Reduce the absorption of cholesterol.
Manage diabetes by slowing the movement of glucose into the blood.
All of these.
Which of the following is NOT a function of fats?
they remove waste products
Of the 20 common amino acids, how many of these are termed “essential”?
Proteins provide ________ calories per gram, carbohydrates provide _______ calories per gram, and fats provide _______ calories per gram.
All of the following are health-related components of physical fitness EXCEPT:
All of the following are cardiorespiratory endurance activities EXCEPT:
weight training
Which of the following is a person with excessive body fat more likely to experience than a person with a healthy body composition?
joint problems
back pain
Which of the following statements about exercise and disease prevention is TRUE?
Weight-bearing exercises protects women against osteoporosis.
Regular exercise reduces the risk of stroke.
Exercise prevents the development of type 2 diabetes.
All of these statements are true.
Regular physical activity is linked to all of the following EXCEPT:
reduced self esteem
Which of the following activities will provide the MOST aerobic benefit for a beginning exerciser who has been sedentary until then
One of the easiest ways to determine appropriate endurance exercise intensity involves measuring:
heart rate
To improve muscular endurance, it is best to:
light resistance and many reps
Stretching exercises should ideally be performed:
5-7 days
Serious dehydration may cause all of the following EXCEPT:
torn ligaments
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of binge-eating disorder?
Characteristics of bulimia include all of the following, EXCEPT:
significant weight loss
An eating disorder characterized by a refusal to eat enough food to maintain a reasonable body weight is:
anorexia nervosa
Which of the following is an effective strategy for successful weight management?
Drink fewer calories in the form of sugar-sweetened beverages.
Choose foods with a low energy density and a high nutrient density.
Always check food labels for serving size, calories, and nutrient content.
Processed foods labeled “fat-free” or “reduced fat” may:
be high in calories
Recent research indicates that drinking more than one soda per day may be associated with:
metabolic syndrome
Type 2 diabetes:
is best prevented by eating a healthy diet and exercising.
Hydrostatic weighing is used to predict percent body fat based on:
body density and water displacement
The main drawback of using BMI to assess health is that it is not a good tool for:
assessing body composition
Which of the following are activities that use calories?
Vital body functions.
Physical activity.
Food digestion.
All of these.