History exam 3

The agreements at the Yalta conference included stalin’s pledge to enter the war against japan three months after Germanys defeat
In the 1940’s presidential, election FDR promoted ____ while his opponent favored _______.
preparedness, isolationism
Before Germany fell to the Allies
Hitler killed himself
At the battle of ______ the threat of Japan seizing Australia was ended.
The coral sea
In his inaugural address, president Franklin Roosevelt outlined what he called his ______ which stated that no nation had the right to intervene in another nation’s matters.
Good Neighbor Policy
When president Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office, he was succeeded by
Harry S. Truman
According to a Nazi engineer the US beat Germany in WW2 became
The US had out produced Germany
Thanks to WW2 US workers
experienced a better life than they had since the Great Depression
The US and Britain adopted a pacific first strategy during WW2 in response to Japanese attacks in the pacific
The bracero program mobilized Native Americans to support the war effort
To prevent another world war from erupting after the second one came to an end the _____ was created
United Nations
To assist Great Britain and their need for supplies FDR secured an agreement to patrol more of the Atlantic in exchange for
British bases in the Atlantic
What inspired FDR to set up the Manhattan Project?
Einstein warned him that the Germans were working on the same project
What ratio represents the approximate casualties of Americans to Japanese at Guadalcanal
1 to 10
By the end of WW2 more than 6 million women had entered the workforce
Heading into the second World War ______ and _____embraced facism
Germany, Italy
Why did the Japanese often experience such high casualty rates during WW2
they refused to surrender
In may 1945 Germany surrendered in exchange for assurances that Hitler would not be tried as a war criminal
African American soldiers generally served in desegregated units during the WW2
The strategic bombing of Europe in 1943 and 1944 completely and utterly devastated German industrial production
How did the cold war change in 1949?
the soviets detonated a nuclear bomb
Israel’s creation in 1948 was followed immediately by a war with its Arab neighbors
When the United Nations forces drew too close to the North Korean northern border, which nation attacked them?
What was the executive order issued by Truman to ensure there were no communists or their associates in the US government called
The loyalty Order
In the Korean War who supplied south Korea with war material?
The United States
What did Joseph Stalin do to West Berlin to try to force the US to leave
He ordered it blockaded by soviet forces
What was the name of the policy proposed by George F. Kennan to combat the growing Soviet threat after WW2?
Why did president Truman not seek a second term of his own
he knew he would not win
The problem with the Truman administrations policy toward controlling the aggression of the Soviet union was that it took a ____approach instead of a ______ approach
military, political
In the early months of the Korean war UN forces encountered little resistance until they reached the Chinese border
Of all the political which hurts during the Truman administration the one most damaging to his administration involved
Alger Hiss
What was the name of the financial and technical assistance package provided to war-ravaged Europe after WW2?
the marshal plan
Because of his behavior president Truman fired this general during the Korean War
Douglass MacArthur
Whittaker chambers accused Alger Hiss of supplying US secret documents to the soviets
Who was placed inn command of the US forces in Korea during the Korean war?
Douglass MacArthur
President Truman’s domestic policy was called the
fair deal
Why were the Russians not concerned about the threat of nuclear war with the US
they had spies providing them information to build their own nuclear weapons
Who is best associated with the second red scare hunt for communists
Joseph McCarthy
What was not one of the factors that occurred after WW2 that led to the Cold war
the return of fascism in Italy forcing a division in the United Nations
In the presidential elections of 1948 republicans saw little hope for victory
During the cold war what did soviet agents use to draw attention to defects in the American way of life?
the treatment of minorities
In the 1950’s what became the primary force in American life for conveying information
During Eisenhower administration the conflict in _____ came to an end
What was a major stumbling block to the policy of massive retaliation
that both the US and the soviet union had created more powerful hydrogen bombs
The post war era witnessed tremendous economic depression and failing social contentment
Which word best describes president Truman’s policy to dealing with communism
Which word best describes president Truman’s policy to dealing with communism
A new group to emerge in the 1950’s that rejected traditional values and materialism were the
The first supreme court case to tackle the separate but equal standard in the 20th century was
Sweatt v. Painter
Encouraged by radio free Europe this group of nationalists rebelled against their communists overlord in 1956
The first author to illustrate the increasing feeling of anxiety inn the US after WW2 was
John Galbraith
After WW2 your textbook states that two out of every three American’s feared this
destruction by nuclear war
Which statement best describes president Eisenhower’s belief on ending segregation
that it must start at the state and local levels
In an attempt to provide for the returning US soldiers after WW2 congress passed the
GI bill of rights
In 1952, president Truman fired 250 employees of the IRS because
of corruption charges
What contributed to the economic boom in Texas after the second World War?
the oil boom
Eisenhower considered this the biggest mistake he had ever made
appointing Chief justice Earl Warren
During the 1950’s the US experienced a wave of juvenile delinquency. What was a primary cause?
access to automobiles
During the Eisenhower administration all but which of the following were desegregated in Washington DC
The goal of Egyptian general Gamal Abdel Nasser in overthrowing King Farouk in 1952 was
seizing the Suez canal
Between 1940 and 1950 the average African American income
grew by 400 percent
President George w bush gave control of Iraq’s oil supply as one major reason for the 2003 invasion
In 2008 Barack Obama ran an impressive internet-based campaign
by 2000 for the first time in the nations history the majority of immigrants came not from other parts of the world
The troubled asset relief program was aimed at assisting ailing
Bush clinched re-election in 2004 by carrying the electoral votes of Ohio
in 1980 which of the following was not a state that had a high percentage of Hispanic residents
The American recovery and reinvestment act was designed
to provide cash to states to spend on various projects
In may 2012 president Obama jumped headfirst into the simmering cultural wars by courageously changing his longstanding position and announcing his support for the rights of gay couples to marry
Bill Clinton was impeached by the house of representatives
during the first decade of the 21st century the US received ______ immigrants as all other countries combined
twice as many
President Obama appointed ____ who would be the first African American attorney general
eric holder
For the first time since the 1950’s this party captured control of both the house of representatives and the senate
in the 2008 campaign John McCain had less political experience than Barack Obama
during George w. bush’s presidency what event boosted his public approval rate the most
September 11 2001
What federal agency was caught off guard by the damage done by hurricane katrina in 2005
Thanks to president bush’s level of popularity in 2006 his party was able to win control of congress
The terrorists that struck the US on September 11 2001 were headed by
Osama bin laden
who did not oppose the passage of NAFTA
Who developed president Clintons health care plan
Hillary Clinton
in1994 this man became the first republican speaker of the house of representatives since 1953
Newt Gingrich
what is the outcome of the camp David accords
Egypt recognized israels right to exist
despite his loss to Reagan in 1984 Walter Mondale made a close race of it
What was not a failure of the carter presidency
bombing of a marine barracks in Libya
The sunbelt includes the southern and western states
The worst was street crash since the depression occurred on a day known as
black monday
Ronald Reagan made AIDS research a top priority of his administration
What was Ronald Reagans nickname during the 1980 election
the great communicator
president carter suffered a major defeat when the senate blocked his effort to return the canal zone to panama
In the soviet union communist hardliners saw this man as the reason for the collapse of their government
Mikhail gorbachev
Which of the following did not play a role in the election of 1980
amnesty and granting of voting rights to illegal immigrants
what was an early success of president carters
he reduced the white house staff by a third
Before becoming president Ronald Reagan was governor of which state
the 1991 Persian gulf war was provoked by Iraq’s invasion of Saudi arabia
Which organization was embraced by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election
moral majority
Which statement best describes the 1980 election
it was a landside for Reagan
despite his support from the religious right Reagan as president did not restore prayer to public schools
president Reagans plan to contain the soviet union was called
the Reagan doctrine
the religious right was a protestant-dominated movement in which Catholics were not allowed to participate
during the Reagan administration El Salvador fell to the communists
during the 1980’s
americans spent more than they made
In working with the Russians president Nixon pursued a policy of
thanks to this section of the educational amendments of 1972 discrimination on the basis of gender was forbidden at institutions that received federal funding
title IX
What is the government program that provides preferential treatment to minorities and women to atone for past injustices
affirmative action
which word best describes president nixons strategy in dealing with the Russians in his second administration
according to tom hayden during the 1960’s most rebellious young americans were not political they were just
interested in changing lifestyles
for pardoning Nixon president ford suffered a huge decline in his popularity
the meeting between president Nixon and the soviet union resulted in the _____ treaty
the publication of these documents showed the American public that they had never been informed of the full story on the gulf of tonkin incident of 1964
pentagon papers
the statement that the US “cannot – and will not – conceive of all the plans design all the programs execute all the decisions and undertake all the defense of the free nations of the world” is known as the
Nixon doctrine
president nixons greatest success came in the field of
foreign policy
Nixon abused his presidential powers during the Watergate affair by
ordering the CIA to confuse the FBI about the case
president nixons new federalism plan promoted
sending federal monies to the states to spend as they saw fit
in 1973 this landmark case was decided by the supreme court striking down state laws on abortion
Roe v. Wade
in 1962 tom Hayden and al harbor created this first campus organization based on the tactics employed during the civil rights
students for a democratic society
in 1960 unemployment among native Americans was ten times the national average their life expectancy was twenty years lower and their suicide rate was a hundred times greater
What helped the sexual revolution grow in the 1960’s
the birth control pill was approved by the FDA