Honors U.S. History Midterm

Economy spawned by the internet
Websites that function as a diary or notebook
Complete electronic circuit on a single chip of the element silicon
Integrated circuit
Doing jobs via a computer without going to an office
World’s first electronic digital computer
Put students to work: low income housing, teaching kids to read, environmental cleanup
Lying under oath
Republican presidential candidate 1996
Bob Dole
Led a presidential task force on health care reform
Hillary Clinton
Required people to work in order to receive benefits
Welfare Reform Act
Result of immigration policy that favored close family members
Migration chains
Punished employers who hired illegal immegrants
Immigration Reform & Control Act
An increase in average world temperatures over time
global warming
Joined Canada, the U.S. & Mexico in a free-trade zone
Substances that can break down the ozone layer
The idea that the world is becoming more interconnected
Created to promote economic & political cooperation among nations in Europe
European Union
Policy of Serbs to brutally expel Bosnian Muslims from the region
Ethnic cleansing
Program that pardoned illegals allowing them to stay in the U.S.
Program of 1o proposed changes that got Republicans the House & Senate in ’94
Contract with America
Gas in the atmosphere that protects life on earth from UV rays
First computer to use icons that users could manipulate with a mouse
A founder of Apple computers
Steve Jobs
Independent counsel appointed to investigate Clinton
Kenn Star
When a government collects more than it spends
Budget surplus
As Steve Jobs & Stephen Wozniak were creating Apple, 19 year old Harvard drop out Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft to design PC…
The Telecommunications Act passed in ’96 changed the telecommunications by…
Allowing cable companies to offer telephone services
The dot.com bust happened when…
Many unprofitable online companies went out of business
On December 19,1998 the House of Reps passed 2 articles of impeachment against Clinton for…
Perjury & obstruction of justice
A law Congress passed that gave workers up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid family leave for birth or adoption of a child or a family illness..
The Family Medical Leave Act
Who led the congressional Republican in creating the Contract with America?
Newt Gingrich
The top 5 nations of origin for legal immigrants to the U.S. includes…
A problem Clinton faced in trying to reduce the federal deficit was…
Entitlement programs
In the period after NAFTA passed…
American workers shifted to less skilled industrial jobs
Opposition to Clinton’s health care plan came from many groups including small business owners who believed that the plan…
Would be too expensive for them
What was the result of the 1955 standoff over the new federal budget?
The federal government shut down for lack of funds
Those who opposed the U.S. joining the WTO worried that…
The U.S. would have to accept the rulings in trade disputes that might hurt the economy
The worldwide network of computers connected by phone lines, cable lines & wireless communications is called…
The Internet
In an unprecedented role for the first lady, Hillary Clinton accepted her hubby’s appointment to…
Head a task force on health care reform
The Dayton Accords was an agreement intended to bring peace to…
Clinton’s “impeachment” can be most accurately described by..
Clinton could have been impeached on charges of perjury & obstruction of justice
Wireless technology did what…
Helped cell phones become popular all around the world
In his first term of office, Clinton raised taxes because..
Be did not want to cut entitlement programs
Democratic presidential candidate in 2000
Al Gore
Consumer advocated & Green Party candidate
Ralph Nader
A piece of cardboard punched out of a ballot
A chad
Republican presidential candidate in 2000
George W. Bush
A law requiring annual standardized tests in school
N0 child left behnid
“The Base”
Lethal bacteria
Muslim fundamentalists in Afghanistan
Using violence against civilians to achieve a political goal
A law intended to help law enforcement track down terrorist suspects
USA Patriot Act
A coalition of Afghan groups that fought the Talibsn
Northern Alliance
Can kill large numbers of people all at once
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Country where Osama Bin Laden was hiding
Dictator of Iraq
Saddam Hussein
Majority of Iraq’s population
Shia Muslim
Hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast
American military prison in Cuba
Guantanamo Bay
The state that determined the winner of the 2000 presidential election
Secretary of Defense who sent troops to the Middle East after 9/11
Donald Rumsfeld
The first black female Speaker of the House
Condoleezza Rice
The first female Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi
Agency that used wiretapping to monitor domestic calls to overseas locations
George W. Bush’s VP
Dick Cheney
Government agency that responds to natural disasters
Led to the spread of western ideas in the Middle East
Oil industry
To win the presidency, candidates have to win the majority of the…
State electoral votes
George W. Bush promised to improve the nation’s public schools, reform Social Security & Medicare, build nation’s defenses and to..
Cut taxes
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the hand recounts of ballots in Florida (2000) was…
Violating the equal protection clause
Why did the United Airlines Flight 93 crash in a field in PA?
Passengers tried to stop the terrorists
What did some devout Muslims fear would happen as the contract between the Middle East and Western society increased?
That traditional values & beliefs would be weakened
The new federal agency created in response to terrorist acts is called…
Department of Homeland Security
One way which the U.S. responded to 9/11 was by..
Freezing the financial assets of terrorists & terror groups
In his State of the Union speech in 2002, Bush called Iran, Iraq & North Korea an “axis of evil” because these nations were suspected of…
Developing weapons of mass destruction
In 2003, which nations would not allow the U.S. to attack Iraq from their territories?
Saudi Arabia & Turkey
The Bush admin claimed that prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay did not have the same rights as American prisoners as they were..
Enemy combatants
One factor that led to John Kerry’s defeated in ’04 was…
His stand against the Vietnam War in the 1970’s
Bush appeared *blank* in response to the crises of Katrina
After his election in 2000, George Bush pushed through an immediate tax rebate to…
Prevent recession
The presidential election of ’04 revolved around…
The war on terrorism & war in Iraq
Americans responded quickly to the attacks on 9/11 by…
Donating blood & collecting food/supplies
The USA Patriot Act is an antiterrorist bill that allows the government to…
Conduct secret searches of suspects, wiretap suspects & track internet communcations
In the presidential election of ’04, John Kerry’s past involvement with what group hurt his standing with veterans?
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Bush tried to reform the Social Security system by..
Allowing workers to divert par of their income to private investment accounts
Why did the U.S. attack Afghanistan & defeat its Taliban government?
The Taliban supported & sheltered Osama bin Laden & al-Qaeda
The treatment of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay drew criticism because..
The prisoners were not protected by the Geneva Convention or by U.S. Law
Iraqi insurgents have used several tactics to fight coalition forces including..
Sniper attacks & bombings
Congress passed Bush’s proposal for…
Annual reading & math tests in public schools (no child left behind)
Al-Qaeda is a(n)…
Islamic terrorist group behind attacks against the west
The government of Afghanistan was facing many problems including…
Taliban insurgents staging guerrilla attacks & suicide bombings
The U.S. policy of deterrence would not work against terrorists who might use WMD’s because…
It might not know where the weapons came from or whom to attack in response
A movement founded by Jerry Falwell backing conservative candidates/issues
Moral Majority
The South & West conservative voting “district”
Protestant minister with a notional following
Billy Graham
Counterrevolutionary group that fought the socialist government of Nicaragua
Treaty between U.S. & U.S.S.R. called for the destruction of nuclear weapons
First woman to run for VP for a major party
Geraldine Ferraro
Young, ambitious & hardworking moneymakers
Selling large amounts of goods at low prices quickly to make a proft
Discount retailing
First video game
Disease that weakens the immune system, lowering resistance to illnesses
Group founded to stop underage drinking & drunk driving
Openness; a principle of Gorbachev’s plan
Tax paid by businesses & investors when they sell stocks/real estate for a profit
Capital gains
Laying off of workers & managers to become more efficient
Restructuring of Soviet economy allows some private profit making
Location of pro-democracy demonstration crushed by Chinese Army
Tiananmen Square
Ending government controls & rules over pricing
Plan to develop defensive weapons nicknamed “Star Wars”
First woman on the Supreme Court
Sandra Day O’Connor
Soviet leader who introduced Perestroika
Mikhail Gorbachev
Policy that supported guerrilla groups fighting communists
Reagan Doctrine
Testified during the Iran-Contra scandal
Oliver North
Island nation invaded by the U.S. in 1983
Economic system of free-enterprise & profit making
People moving out of the city because of inner city issues
suburban conservatism
Unlike liberals, conservatives fundamentally distrust the power of…
The government
Who founded the conservative magazine National Review & helped revive conservative ideas in the U.S.?
William F. Buckley
Although liberals favor government intervention in the economy, they are suspicious of any attempt to use the government to regulate…
Social behavior
President Reagan encouraged the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates & asked Congress to pass a massive tax cut in what critics called…
Reagan’s first act as president was to sign an executive order eliminating price controls on…
Oil & gas
What did Reagan launch the largest peacetime buildup of in American history?
The military
The rebel group supported by Carter and later by Reagan…
Entrepreneur Robert Johnson created the first & largest black-owned company on cable TV known as…
Irish singer Bob Geldof organized a series of concerts around the world called “Live Aid” that raised money to help starving people in…
What began transforming broadcast news & entertainment in the 1980’s?
Cable TV
During the 1980’s, many people profited from investments in…
Real estate & stock market
While President Bush struggled to deal with events in Eastern Europe & China, a crises developed in…
Who sent his army to invade oil-rich Kuwait in August ’90?
Saddam Hussein
In late December of 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev announced the end of…
The Soviet Union
In May ’89, students & workers held demonstrations for democracy that were crushed by the government in…
Liberals generally believe in…
Free speech & privacy
Supply-side economics believed that tax cuts would results in…
Business expansion & new jobs
Reagan followed the foreign policy of…
Peace through strength
Reagan believed that massive defense spending would..
Collapse the Communist system
Conservatives generally support…
The split of government power between the state & federal levels
The collapse of the Soviet economy was due to..
inefficient central planning & huge expenditures on the arms race
To keep the deficit under control, Reagan proposed…
Cutting social programs
Investigations into the Iran-Contra scandal revealed that Reagan had..
Approved the sale of arms to Iran but not the diversion of money to the contras
Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative called for…
Development of weapons which could destroy incoming missiles
The United Nations went to war in the Persian Gulf because…
Iraq invaded Kuwait
Nixon’s proposal for reforming the nation’s welfare system
family assistance plan
Granted federal funds to state and local agencies
revenue sharing
Nixon’s effort to win a traditionally democratic region to the Republican Party
Southern Strategy
A plan between the U.S. & the U.S.S.R. to limit nuclear weapons
Nixon’s democratic opponent in the 1972 presidential election
George McGovern
Principle that the White House conversations should remain confidential to protect National Security
Executive privilege
Religious leader & head of the new government in Iran
Ayatollah Khomeini
Historic peace treaty between Israel/Egypt that was brokered by President Carter
Camp David Accords
1st black ambassador to the United Nations
Andrew Young
A combo of high inflation and high unemployment
called for companies and institutions doing business withe the government to recruit black employees
affirmative action
A militant group of Indians who viewed the government’s reform efforts as too modest
Wrote Silent Spring, one of the most controversial and powerful books of 1960’s
Rachel Carson
Created to set and enforce pollution standards, promote research and coordinate anti-pollution activities with state & local agencies
A nuclear facility where low levels of radiation escaped from the reactor
Three Mile Island
Washington Post reporter who broke the Watergate story
Bob Woodward
A housing development evacuated because of pollution
Love canal
Became Nixon’s vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned
Gerald Ford
Placed an embargo on petroleum to the U.S. for aiding Isreal
Ford’s voluntary cut backs on oil and gas consumption
Recognized the borders of Eastern Europe established at the end of World War II in exchange for a soviet promise to uphold human rights
Helsinki Accords
Seized and occupied for 70 days by American Indians
Wounded Knee
Reduced tensions between the U.S. and its two major communist rivals, the U.S.S.R./China
Played a major role in Carter’s loss to Reagan in 1980
Iran Hostage Crisis
Coal, oil and natural gas are all..
Fossil fuels
What policy refers to Nixon’s dismantling of federal programs in order to give more control to state and local governments?
New Federalism
To gain southern support, Nixon promised several things to the powerful senator of South Carolina…
Strom Thurmond
Nixon rejected the notion of a bipolar world, believing the U.S. foreign policy should reflect the emergence of a…
multipolar world
John Dean testified that the Watergate break-in had been ordered by…
Attorney General John Mitchell
Vice President Spiro Agnew was forced to resign in disgrace when investigators found he had…
evaded taxes
Carter tried to end the recession and reduce unemployment by reducing the money supply and..
Raising interest rates
President Carter felt that the nation’s most serious problem was its dependence on…
Foreign oil.
OPEC announced that its members would support an embargo on petroleum to countries that supported what country?
One goal of affirmative action was to provide blacks a means to..
Acquire better job skills
In the 1970’s, civil rights leaders began to focus on providing blacks with good jobs and what?
adequate education
Supporters of nuclear energy hailed it as a cleaner and less expensive alternative to what?
Fossil fuels
What act established emissions standards for factories and automobiles?
Clean Air Act
Richard Nixon won the southern support in the 1968 election by promising to do what?
appoint a southerner to the supreme court
The Architectural Barriers Act mandated that..
All new buildings built with federal funds be accessible to people with disabilities.
Evidence to Watergate seems to show that Nixon…
Ordered the cover up
American oil companies in the 1970’s found it difficult to make a profit because of…
Government regulation of the oil industry
President Carter imposed an embargo on he sale of grain to the U.S.S.R. as a result of what?
The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
A main purpose of Nixon’s trip to China was to what?
Encourage the soviets to more actively pursue diplomacy
As part of SALT I, Nixon & Brezhnev agreed to..
Exchange scientific information
Nixon tried to avoid turning over the Watergate tapes by claiming that the tapes…
Did not contain any info relevant to the investigation
At Love Canal, residents experienced health problems because of…
Leaking underground toxic waste
The decline of American manufacturing was caused by…
Old & inefficient manufacturing plants
The 1978 Panama Canal treaties transferred control of the Panama Canal from what country to what country?
The U.S. to Panama
Until his resignation, Nixon served his second term as President for how many years?
Almost two
To make good on his campaign promise to fight crime, Nixon targeted what group?
Antiwar protestors.
Nixon’s democratic opponent in the 1972 presidential election
George McGovern
Granted federal funds to state and local agencies
revenue sharing