A structural element that has content containing tangential or side issues to the main topic of the page is a(n) ______.
______ includes the blank spaces, tabs, and line breaks found within the file.
white space
If a network covers several buildings or cities, it is called a ____.
The doctype is used by ______, which are programs that examine document code to ensure that it meets all the syntax requirements of the specified language.
Item 2 in the figure above represents the _______ of the style sheet.
Each browser has its own ______ style sheet that specifies the appearance of different HTML elements.
Closing tags are identified by the ____ that precedes the tag name.
The founders of the Web developed a system of ____ documents.
A two-sided tag contains a(n) ____ tag that tells the browser to turn on a feature and apply it to the content that follows.
If computers are close together, the network linking them is called a ____.
Another type of list that contains a list of terms, each followed by its description, is called a(n) ________.
description list
The document ______ is not displayed within the page, but is usually display in a browser’s title bar or on a browser tab.
To designate a paragraph element you would use the ____ tag.
In good HTML code, nested elements do not ____.
The exact appearance of each page is described in a separate document known as a
If an element contains text or another element, it is marked using a ______tag set in which an opening tag and a closing tag enclose the element content.
The World Wide Web Consortium has created a set of ____, or specifications, that all browser manufacturers follow.
You can mark extended quotes with the HTML _________ element.
To add the comment, Welcome John Smith, the syntax would be ________
A ____ language is a language used to describe the content and structure of documents.
The first portion of a URL identifies the ____.
If the path and filename are left off the URL, the server returns the ____.
default home page
The ____ protocol is used to open a user’s e-mail client and address a new message.
In the URL, the server is ____.
A(n) ____ path specifies the location for a file in relation to the folder containing the current Web document.
If you want all of the links in your document to point to a new window, you can add the target attribute to a(n) ____ element in the document’s header.
Which of the following is an HTML-supported kind of path?
both A and B absolute and interp.
In the URL, the protocol is ____.
____ servers can store files that Internet users can download, or transfer, to their computers.
Web browsers communicate with Web servers using the ____ communication protocol.
You link to an id or anchor using the anchor name preceded by the ____ symbol.
A(n) ____ map lists the position of all hotspots within a particular image.
In the URL, the id/anchor name is ____.
To differentiate the absolute pathnames to files that are located on different drives, HTML requires you to include the drive letter followed by a ____.
vertical bar
All Web page URLs begin with the letters ____.
When referencing a file located in a different folder than the link tag, you must include the ____ for the file.
To create a hypertext link to a document on the Internet, you need to know its ____.
A(n) ____ path provides a precise location for a file.
To use a single image to access multiple targets, you must set up ____ within the image.