Absolute Path
Specifies a file’s precise location within the entire folder structure.
Relative Path
Specifies a file’s location in relation to the location of the current document.
Navigation List
Every website should included a navigation list containing links to the main topic areas.
Relative Path
You should always use BLANK path
Referencing a file located in different folder than the link tag, you must include the BLANK for the file
To link to a document you must specify its
Most web designers use BLANK path names in their hypertext links
Specifies a precise location on the web for a file.
External document to be displayed in its own browser window
Default Home Page
Path and filename are left off the url, the server returns the BLANK
BLANK servers can store files that internet users can download or transfer to their computers
To use a single image to access multiple targets you must set up BLANK within the image.
Internet Resource
Exact separator that follows the communication protocol depends on
If a URL doesen’t specify filename, the server returns to the default BLANK page
Descriptive text that appears when a user positions the mouse pointer over a link
Semantic Link
hypertext containing the rel attribute because it contains information about the relationship between the link and its destination.
Information about a site