IBA Section 4 Flash Cards

This Word feature can be used to distort or modify text to conform to a variety of shapes.
The WordArt button can be found in the ___ group in the Insert tab.
Text Effects
Which button in the WordArt Styles group allows you to transform the shape of the text?
Basic shapes, block arrows, stars, banners, flow charts, and callouts
The Shapes button in the Insert tab allows you to draw what?
Drop cap
When the first letter of the first word of a paragraph is enlarged and set into the paragraph, it is called a(n)
When you draw a shape using the Shapes button in the Insert tab, your mouse pointer displays as a(n)
dropped,none, and in margin
In the Drop Cap dialog box, there are three options for positioning the drop cap. What are they?
In Section 4, this feature is discussed as an efficient method for creating an organization chart.
Which SmartArt graphic category is used to create an organizational chart?
solid; dashed
When deleting an individual box within an organizational chart, make sure the border surrounding the box is a ____ line and not a ____ line.
change box shape, apply text fill, and apply shape styles.
What are the functions available in the SmartArt Tools Format tab?
Cycle,Matrix, and Hierarchy
Lists of graphics, grouped by category, are displayed in the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box. These categories include what?
The size of the selected shapes increases slightly.
The Shapes group of the SmartArt Tools Format tab contains a button titled “Larger.” What happens when you click this button?
Section 4 advises that you must select a text wrapping style before ____ a SmartArt diagram.
text,formulas, and values.
Word’s table feature is used to display data of this type.
The “box” created by the intersection of a row and a column in a Word table is called a(n)
When you select Draw Table at the drop-down list in the Table button, the mouse pointer changes to a(n) ____, which you can then drag across the document screen to create a table.
Merge cells button in the Merge group on the Table Tools Layout Tab.
To make several cells in a table into one cell, highlight the cells and click what button?
the document margins and/or the number of columns
When you create a table in Word, the width of the column depends on what?
Shading and Borders
The Table Styles group in the Table Tools Design tab contains these two buttons.
Draw Borders
You can remove rows and columns from your table by using the Eraser button, which is found in the ____ group in the Table Tools Design tab.
Tables Styles
This group in the Table Tools Design tab contains several preformatted grid and color scheme options.
To sort text in a table, click the Sort button in the ____ group in the Table Tools Layout tab.
Which button in the Text group in the Insert tab can be used to insert one document into another?
Page setup group of the page layout tab
Where is the Breaks button located?
continuous section break
This type of break separates a Word document into sections but does not insert a page break.
print layout
Formatting text into columns automatically changes the view to what?
additional files for supplemental data and saves the data in a subfolder
When the Web Page option is used to save a Word document as a web page, Word creates what?
.mht or .mhtml
When you save a Word document as a web page using the Single File Web Page option, the file is given one of these two extensions.
To provide a connection to a site on the Internet or to another document click ____ on the Insert tab.
When downloading and saving web pages and/or the images they contain, it is important to remember that copyright laws protect ____ of the information on the Internet.
the same basic letter to a number of recipients
Word’s Mail Merge feature is especially useful when you need to send what?
a main document and a data source
Generally, a mail merge operation uses these two documents. What are they?
Type New List
The New Address List dialog box, which is used in mail merge operations, is displayed by selecting ____ from the drop-down list in the Select Recipients button.
Access database
When you use the New Address List dialog box to create new addresses for your mail merge operation, Word saves the data as a(n) what?