Implied Powers

What is the purpose of necessary and proper clause in the constitution?
It allows congress to make laws not covered by it’s expressed powers.
How has the doctrine of implied powers increased the power of congress?
It allows congress to create laws to carry out it’s duties.
The expressed power to raise and support an army and navy gives congress the implied power to _____.
Set aside funds for states to create military schools.
How did the strict constitutionists feel about implied power?
Implied powers give the national government too much power.
What is the best description of how strict constitutionists thought a liberal constructionist view would affect the nation?
The states powers would be restricted and weakened.
The ______ can decide when implied powers taken by congress have exceeded the expressed powers.
The supreme court.
When congress claims an implied power based on the Necessary and Proper Clause of the constitution?
Based on at least one of the expressed powers.
A congressional power that is implied by the expressed power to levy taxes is the power to _______.
Tax and regulate alcohol
Which section of the US Constitution allows congress to expand powers not expressly covered in the constitution?
Article 1, Section 8
Congressional powers not expressly stated in the constitution but suggested by the enumerated powers that are written there are called _______.
Implied powers.
What does the necessary and proper clause give to congress?
A basis for implied powers.
Liberal constitutionalists want congress to ________.
Use only expressed powers.
Which is an implied power of congress?
The power to have a military draft.
The expressed congregational power to regulate commerce implies that congress may _______.
Liberal constructionists want congress to ________.
Create new powers as needed over time.
Liberal and strict constructionists would most likely disagree over which power of Congress?
Regulating the workplace
Why is it important for congress to make laws based on powers that are implied but not given?
So congress can carry out its duties as times change
What power makes it possible for Congress to regulate food and drugs?
The power to regulate commerce
Liberal constructionism has led to ______ in the United States
A large national government
Where does congress derive the authority to stop a tax on internet sales?
The power to regulate commerce
Strict constructionists want congress to _______.
Use only expressed powers.
Because congress uses a broad definition of the power to regulate commerce, _________.
Federal power has increased.