Info Systems quiz uses ____ to provide customized book recommendations based on past purchases.
In the context of the important concepts regarding Web and network privacy, ____ refers to issues involving both the user’s and the organization’s responsibilities and liabilities.
You make two copies of a software package you just bought for personal use, incase the original software fails and you need a backup. This action is ____.
illegal but ethical
_____ prevents new adware from being installed on your computer.
____ is understanding the role of information in generating and using business intelligence.
Information Literacy
____ is collecting data from Web sites, usually for competitive intelligence.
Web harvesting
____ take advantage of the human element of security systems.
Social engineering attacks
____ is registering, selling, or using a domain name to profit from someone else’s trademark.
____ is an application of artificial intelligence that can be used for Web marketing.
Intelligent agents
A(n) _________________ is an organized integration of information technologies (hardware and software), data processes, and human elements designed to produce timely, integrated, relevant, accurate, and useful information for decision making purposes.
management information system (MIS)
_____ is an example of a system that processes transactions within an organization called a transaction-processing system.
With ____ technology, information is sent to users based on their previous inquiries, interests, or specifications.
____ is a popular on-line payment system used on many on-line auction sites.