Information Systems

The advantages of an expert systems are all of the following except which of the following?
It provides conclusive answers
What is the purpose of a decision support system?
To assist you in decision making
In the context of the important concepts regarding Web and network privacy, ____ refers to issues involving both the user’s and the organization’s responsibilities and liabilities. uses ____ to provide customized book recommendations based on past purchases.
You make two copies of a software package you just bought for personal use, incase the original software fails and you need a backup. This action is ____.
Illegal but ethical
Which of the following is a type of access control?
___ are hackers who specialize in unauthorized penetration of information systems.
Black hats
____ is an application of artificial intelligence that can be used for Web marketing.
Intelligent Agents
Microsoft Access is an example of _____ in an information system.
Database Management System
A ____ generates revenue from the fees charged for matching buyers and sellers.
Third-party exchange marketplace
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is based on the ____ protocol.
Wireless Application
E-commerce fulfills the product information activity using ____.
Which of the following is considered an intentional threat?
Social Engineering
____ means that a system must prevent disclosing information to anyone who is not authorized to access it.
With ____ technology, information is sent to users based on their previous inquiries, interests, or specifications.
A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Generally, ____ laws protect tangible material, such as books and drawings.
Managers could use a _____ to assess the effect on final product costs of a nine percent increase in raw materials.
Manufacturing Information Systems
____ are computer security experts who specialize in penetration testing and other testing methods to ensure that a company’s information systems are secure.
White Hat
____ outlines procedures for keeping an organization operational in the event of a natural disaster or network attack.
Business continuity planning
Using the ____ model transfers the old retail model to the e-commerce world by using the medium of the Internet.
The ____ means you can use copyrighted material for certain purposes, such as quoting passages of a book in literary reviews.
Fair Use Doctrine
Value chain
a series of activities designed to meet business needs by adding value (or cost) in each phase of the e-commerce process
mixes traditional commerce and e-commerce
Merchant model
transfers the old retail model to the e-commerce world by using the medium of the internet
Brokerage model
Brings sellers and buyers together on the web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties
Advertising model
An extension of traditional advertising media, such as radio and television
Mixed model
Generates revenue from more than one source
Informediary model
collects information on consumers and businesses and then sells this information to other companies
Subscription model
An e-commerce site sells digital products or services to customers