Information Systems Final Exam

Converting raw data into a more meaningful form is called
Information systems literacy describes the behavioral approach to information systems, while computer literacy describes the technical approach
A business model describes how a computer produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth
The fundamental set of assumptions, values, and ways of doing things that has been accepted by most of a company’s members is called its
All of the follow can be considered managerial responsibilities except
Designing new information systems
The five basic entities that make up any business are suppliers, customers, employees, products and services, and
invoices and payments
The three principal levels of hierarchies within a business organization are
Senior management, middle management, and operational management
Transaction processing systems are the basic business systems that serve the operational level of the organization
Decision-support systems often use information from external sources
A business process is a single step taken in a set of logically related activities that accomplish a specific business task
A primary challenge in BPM is employee resistance
An information system can enhance core competencies by
Encouraging the sharing of knowledge across business units.
In network economics, the value of a commercial software vendor’s software products
Increases as more people use them
A virtual company
Uses the capabilities of other companies without being physically tied to those companies.
The ________ strategy concentrates financial management and control out of a central home base while decentralizing production, sales, and marketing operations to units in other countries
Advances in data storage have made routine violation of individual privacy more difficult
Privacy is the right to be left alone when you want to be, without surveillance or interference from other individuals or organizations
The use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individuals is called
NORA is a
New data analysis technology that finds hidden connections between data in disparate sources.
Which of the following is not one of the five steps discussed in the chapter as a process for analyzing an ethical issue?
Assign responsibility
Web mining is the discovery of useful patterns on the Web
The most basic business database is comprised of
five tables: for customers, employees, suppliers, parts, and sales.
A field identified in a table as holding the unique identifier of the table’s records is called the
Primary key
The process of streamlining data to minimize redundancy and awkward many-to-many relationships is called
Data cleansing is the same process as data scrubbing
Telephone networks are fundamentally different from computer networks
are high-speed, leased data lines providing guaranteed service levels.
What service converts IP addresses into more recognizable alphanumeric names?
Web 3.0 is a collaborative effort to add a layer of meaning to the existing Web in order to reduce the amount of human involvement in searching for and processing Web information
Fiber-optic cable is more expensive and harder to install than wire media
Smartphones have the same security flaws as other Internet-connected devices
Viruses can be spread through e-mail
The term cracker is used to identify a hacker whose specialty is breaking open security systems
_______ refers to all of the methods, policies, and organizational procedures that ensure the safety of the organization’s assets, the accuracy and reliability of its accounting records, and operational adherence to management standards
Electronic data are more susceptible to destruction, fraud, error, and misuse because information systems concentrate data in computer files that
May be accessable by anyone who has access to the same network
Enterprise systems include analytical tools
Supply chain management systems are a type of enterprise system
Which of the following is not true about enterprise systems?
Enterprise software is expressly built to allow companies to mimic their unique business practices.
A company’s organizations and processes for distributing and delivering products to the final customers is the
Downstream portion of the supply chain.
A scheduling system for minimizing inventory by having components arrive exactly at the moment they are needed and finished goods shipped as soon as they leave the assembly line best describes a ________ strategy
E-commerce refers to the use of any networking technologies to transact business
The Internet shrinks information asymmetry
The quality of ubiquity, as it relates to e-commerce, is illustrated by
The availability of the Internet everywhere and anytime.
The effort required to locate a suitable product is called
Search costs
Reducing the business process layers in a distribution channel is called
A decision can be said to have improved if it can be made more quickly
Executive support systems focus on using parameterized reports and data mining to analyze large pools of data in major corporate systems
The type of decision that can be made by following a definite procedure is called a(n) ________ decision
Which of the following would be a typical production report for an organization’s financial division?
Cash Flow
Which type of information system uses data visualization technology to analyze and display data for planning and decision making in the form of digitized maps?
A native app is one that is designed to run on a specific platform
More timely information is a tangible benefit of information systems
Order the following steps in the systems development lifecycle in the correct sequence
Systems analysis, systems design, programming, testing, conversion, production and maintenance
Which of the following is not one of the unique considerations in developing applications for a mobile platform?
Keyboard configuration
System Testing
Tests the functioning of the system as a whole.
IT infrastructure technology is the set of physical devices required to operate the entire enterprise
HTML5 is the latest evolution of HTML, and is designed to make it much easier to embed third-party add-ons, such as Flash animations, in web pages
Allowing departments to make their own software and hardware purchases increases efficiency and minimizes the need for centralized support
Software localization refers to the entire process of converting software to operate in a second language
Software used to apply the computer to a specific task for an end user is called
Application software