Information Systems Practice test

A system is a collection of parts that link to achieve a common purpose. Systems thinking is a way of monitoring ________________.
the entire system
Steve Jobs and Apple created a big advantage in the technology industry with the introduction of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. What are these all examples of?
Competitive advantage
Competitive intelligence
First-mover advantage
All of these
Your boss, Ty Jacob, has asked you to analyze the music industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model. Which of the following represents the threat of substitute products or services in the music industry?
Game systems like Wii and social networks like Facebook.
Which of the following is an example of transactional information?
Purchasing stocks
Which of the following is not one of the questions asked during the analyzing phase of CRM?
What customers are at risk of leaving?
Which of the following was the original design for the Internet?
Document exchange
Display of static content
All of these
What part of the CPU performs all arithmetic operations and all logic operations?
Control unit
None of the above
Which computer offers both a horizontal and vertical system box and is usually placed on a desk or on the floor within a work area?
Desktop computer
What is roughly 1 million bytes?
The __________ is the actual hardware that interprets and executes the program (software) instructions and coordinates how all the other
hardware devices work together.
What are the rules that enforce basic and fundamental information-based constraints?
Relational integrity constraints