Integrated Tech 1 Final

T/F Powerpoint presentations can be displayed over the internet
T/F Powerpoint accepts information in the form of files from a variety of sources, such as microsoft access
T/F It’s not easy to rearrange things on slide show
False – It is easy
T/F It is possible to collaborate on a presentation online with a group of people
T/F When you start powerpoint, the program opens in slide show view
False – opens in normal view
T/F The quick access toolbar is only visible when the home tab is active
False – always visible
T/F Copyright protects the underlying facts or concepts, but does not expression of an idea
T/F A text box and a digital image are both examples of objects
T/F If you embed your fonts, you will not have to worry about the availabilty of those fonts on other computers
T/F You cannot open a powerpoint 97-2003 presentation in powerpoint 2010
False – has to be converted to 2010
T/F pressing [shift][enter] while the cursor is in the text object creates a new slide with the same layout as the previous slide
False – [ctrl][enter]
t/f the quick access toolbar contains basic text formatting commands, such as bold and italic, and appears when you select text using the mouse
False – mini toolbar
t/f there are nine basic categories of smart art graphics that illustrate text differently
false – eight
t/f in powerpoint, it is possible to combine several shapes together to make a more complex figure
which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues?
through a shared workspace on the internet
a presentation with a clear message that reads like a _ and is illustrated with appropriate visual aids will have the greatest impact on your audience
The maximum number of slides you can have on a handout is _?
which of the following is an exception to copyright protection?
fair use
the default view that powerpoint opens in is called
the _ organizes all of the powerpoint’s primary commands
each set of primary commands is organized by a
the _ toolbar is fully customizable
quick access
the zoom slider is located on the _
status bar
the slides tab displays each slide as an
after you enter text in a placeholder, the placeholder becomes a text
the blinking vertical line that indicates where your text will appear when you type is called the
insertion point
which feature decreases the font size in order to fit the text in the placeholder
auto fit options button
which dialog box do you use to embed fonts>
powerpoint options
when you embed fonts, the size of your presentation _
where are the view shortcuts located?
on the status bar
the text “click to add title” is the title text
the text “click to add text” is the content
the pane on the left- hand side contains
the new slide list arrow lets you
choose which slide layout to insert
themes are found on the _ tab
you can preview the look of a design theme before committing to it using
live preview
clicking the _ button in the themes group displays the all themes gallery window
When you start powerpoint you see?
a blank slide with the title slide layout
how do you change the look of the slides, what do you choose new?
when you hover over each look, the slides change automatically. what is this called?
live preview
if you want to make sure the fonts are installed on other computers, you have to
embed the fonts
fonts stay the same on each computer, use the?
true type category in the powerpoint option dialogs box
the _ toolbar is convenient to use for formatting text when the home tab is not open
the font color gallery includes the theme colors and the _ colors
a small vertical line that sticks up from a rectangular graphic is a
rotate handle
the yellow circle in the upper right corner of the a rectangular graphic is an
adjustment handle
if you wanted to make precise adjustments to the graphic, you would press and hold [alt], then drag the _
adjustment handle
the _ commands found with the align commands evenly space objects horizontally or vertically relative to each other or the slide
to select an unselected text object, press [_], then click the text object, then release [_].
as soon as you move the pointer over the mini toolbar becomes
clearly visible
you can use the _ command to replace one font for another
the font color button is on the _ tab
to replace specific text, click the _ tab on the ribbon, then click the replace button in the editing group.
_ spelling in powerpoint identifies common gramatically missused words
there are _ categories of smart art graphics
other than the slide pane, where can enter slide text?
outline tab
a smartart graphic consists of 2 parts: graphic itself and a(n) _ pane
you can radically change how the smart art graphic looks by applying a smart art _
instead of changing individual attributes, you can apply a quick style to a _
pressing [shift] as you drag to create a shape maintains the shape’s _ as you change its size
in a selected object, the adjustment handle appears next to the _ of the object
most prominent feature
as you move an object, the powerpoint can the object to “snap” to _ gridlines
you can press and hold _ to turn off the snap-to-grid feature
to move an objects to the back of the stack, click the send backward button in the arrange group on the drawing tools _ tab
the powerpoint guides appear as dotted lines and intersect at the _ of the slide
drag the pane divider line to change the _ of the outline tab
to convert to smartart graphic button is in the _ group
what happens to word spelled wrong?
wavy red line appears under the word
To make information more interesting looking you can
convert the bulleted text into a smart art graphic
to evenly space three arrows vertically and relative to each other, select the 3 arrows and then apply the _ command
align and distribute
if you want to add special effects to the arrows to improve their appearance, click the
more button on the shape styles group to view quick styles
to secure the arrows position and to be able to move them easily, you should _ them
2 guides on the slide, to create an additional guide you have to
press [ctrl], then drag an existing guide