IT 101

With decentralized processing, processing devices are placed at various remote locations, but each device is isolated and does not communicate with any other device. T or F
Of all the countries, China has the most Internet users with over 384 million people T or F
A PBX is a communications system that manages both voice and data transfer within a building and to outside lines; it can be used to connect hundreds of internal phone lines to a few phone company lines. T or F
Just as HTML was developed as a standard for formatting Web content into Web pages, XML is used within a Web page to describe and transfer data between Web service applications. T or F
Choosing which smart phones to purchase such as the Palm Pre, Blackberry Curve, and Apple iPhone 3 is extremely difficult because they are all nearly identical in terms of size, functions, and cost plus they can all run the same applications. T or F
Transmission media can be divided into two broad categories: guided transmission media and wireless. T or F
Fortunately, there is a single, unified, worldwide standard for 3G communications which simplifies the deployment of 3G communications equipment and devices. T or F
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard page description language for Web pages that tells the Web browser how to display Web pages. T or F
A geostationary satellite orbits the earth in a very low orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles. T or F
Ongoing terrorist attacks around the world and the heightened sensitivity to natural disasters have motivated many companies to distribute their workers, operations, and systems. T or F
Many organizations invest in search engine optimization as a means of improving the speed of their Web searches. T or F
A PAN can be used to connect a laptop, digital camera, and portable printer without cables or wires. T or F
Client/server refers to a computing environment where software and storage are provided as an Internet service and accessed with a Web browser. T or F
More than 750 million computers supporting over 2 billion users make up today’s Internet. T or F
Microwave is a high-frequency signal sent through the air via line-of-sight, often between earth based stations or between earth-based stations and satellites. T or F
A corporate blog can be useful in communicating with customers, partners, and employees, however, there are many potential issues associated with corporate blogging. T or F
A rich Internet application is software that has the functionality and complexity of traditional software, but runs in a Web browser and does not require local installation. T or F
Web log is a collection of Web technologies that allows users to subscribe to Web content that is frequently updated. T or F
Content streaming is a means of transferring large media files over the Internet so that the data stream of voice and pictures plays more or less continuously as the file is being downloaded. T or F
Bluetooth is a wireless communications specification that describes how to connect various telecommunications devices over distances of up to 300 feet at speeds greater than 5 Mbps. T or F
A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using letters and words that map to an IP address and location on the host. T or F
Telecommunications devices relay signals between computer systems and transmission media. T or F
An IP address is an 8-bit number assigned to each computer to identify it on the Internet. T or F
Twitter, with its maximum of 120 character messages, has proven to be a rich source of consumer sentiment that can be tapped to improve marketing, customer relations, and product development. T or F
Of all the countries, China has the most Internet users with over 384 million people. T or F
Hot Spot
1. The area covered by one or more interconnected wireless access points is commonly called a(n) ______.
2. ____ blocks Internet content that it feels is subversive or threatening to “national unity.”
3. A(n) ____ can be used in an enterprise to enable the sharing of information between employees, training for new employees, or customer support for products.
China Mobil
4. ____ operates the world’s largest 3G network.
5. ___ is a network protocol that enables traffic to be routed among all the networks connected to the Internet.
6. Many Internet addresses have a(n) code denoting ___ categories, such as com for business sites and edu for education sites.
7. ___ is a bundled set of communications services, including Internet, telephone, and TV, that operates over a total fiber-optic communications network.
8. The Internet will soon be upgraded to IPv6 which uses ____ addresses to provide for many more devices.
9. Data is broken into ___ to be transmitted over the internet.
10. The RIM operating system is used in the ___ smartphone.
11. The fiber-optic cables that span the globe over land and under sea make up the Internet ____.
12. ____ can support wireless communications at a rate of 70 Mbps between towers located up to 30 miles apart.
13. ____ is a wireless telecommunications technology brand owned by an alliance of 300 technology companies that is popping up at airports, coffee shops, college campuses, libraries, and restaurant.
14. ____ are specially denoted text or graphics on a Web page, that, when clicked, open a Web page containing related content.
Search Engine
15. ____ is a valuable tool that enables you to find information on the Web by specifying words or phrases know as keywords, which are related to a topic of interest.
16. A(n) ____ is a Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using letters and words.
17. ____ is an object-oriented programming language from Sun Microsystems which allows small programs called applets to be embedded within an HTML document.
18. ____ is NOT a frequency commonly used for wireless communications.
19. The ____ is a device that converts a signal from one form into a signal of another form and sends it through a medium.
20. Many utilities, cities, and organizations are experimenting with ____ to provide Internet access to homes and businesses over standard high-voltage power lines.
Near Field Communication
21. ____ is a very short range wireless connectivity technology that enables consumers to swipe their credit cards or even cell phones within a few inches of a special point of sale terminal to pay for purchases.
Low Earth Orbit
22. A(n) ____ satellite system employs many satellites, each in an orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles.
Internal Document Management System
23. The World Wide Web was originally conceived of as a(n) ____.
24. Citizens of the continent ___ make up the largest percentage of Internet.
25. ____ is the standard page description language for Web pages.
A key sector of wholesale e-commerce is spending on MRO goods and services. T or F
AdMob is a mobile advertising provider that serves up ads for displays on B2B Web sites. T or F
Data mapping is the examination of each data item required for a new ERP system and determining the number of bytes required for data storage. T or F
The market for mobile commerce in North America is maturing much later than in Western Europe and Japan. T or F
Fortunately, disparities in IS infrastructure is not one of the international issues associated with the use of enterprise systems. T or F
Customer relationship management software helps plan, execute, and control all the activities involved in raw material sourcing and procurement, conversion of raw materials to finished products, and the warehousing and delivery of finished product to customers. T or F
Supply chain management software automates and integrates the functions of sales, marketing, and service in an organization. T or F
Although conversion to an e-commerce or m-commerce system enables organizations to reduce the cost of business, it seldom results in increased accuracy of order processing and order fulfillment. T or F
The practice of market segmentation divides the pool of potential suppliers into subgroups usually defined in terms of demographic characteristics. T or F
Capturing and gathering all data necessary to complete the processing of transactions is called data input. T or F
Transaction processing systems provide a high degree of support for management decision making. T or F
A certificate authority is an attachment to an e-mail message or data embedded in a Web site that verifies the identity of a sender or a Web site. T or F
Only the largest of the Fortune 500 organizations can afford or justify the expense of implementing an ERP system. T or F
For an organization implementing an ERP system, there is a major amount of effort required to load existing data from various sources into the new ERP database. T or F
The B2B market is considerably smaller than the B2C market although it is growing more rapidly. T or F
SMEs are exploring the use of hosted software to acquire, use, and benefit from new software even though it means extra complexity and high start-up costs. T or F
A charge card, such as American Express, carries no preset spending limit, and each month the user can pay all or part of the amount owed. T or F
P-cards can be used for a variety of purposes, including storing a user’s financial facts, health insurance data, credit card numbers, and network identification codes and passwords. T or F
The two most widely used Web server software packages are Apache HTTP Server and Microsoft Internet Information Services. T or F
SMEs are exploring the use of hosted software to acquire, use, and benefit from new software even though it means extra complexity and high start-up costs. T or F
Digital certificates verify both purchaser and supplier identities in an e-commerce transaction. T or F
The hand-held devices used for m-commerce have few, if any, limitations that complicate their use. T or F
An enterprise system ensures that the information needed for a single business function and all levels of management within that function is available. T or F
Financial accounting consists of capturing and recording all the transactions that affect a company’s financial state and then using these documented transactions to prepare financial statements to external decision makers. T or F
Increase the accuracy of order processing and order fulfillment
1. Conversion to an e-commerce or m-commerce system enables an organization to ____.
2. ____ is a subset of e-commerce that involves electronic transactions between consumers and a third party to facilitate the process.
All of the Above
3. Mobile coupons _____.
4. A(n) ____ card is issued to select employees to help streamline the traditional purchase order and invoice payment process.
2.4 Billion
5. U.S. m-commerce sales for 2010 are expected to be in the neighborhood of ____.
Sales and Operations Plan
6. The ____ plan takes demand and current inventory levels into account and determines specific product items that need to be produced and when in order to meet the forecast future demand.
Open Source
7. Many SMEs elect to implement ____ ERP systems.
Market Segmentation
8. ____ divides the pool of potential customers into subgroups usually defined in terms of demographic characteristics.
Pick List
9. In an order processing system, a(n) ____ is printed at the warehouse from which the order is to filled so that workers can correctly fill the order.
10. When a(n) ____ arrives from a supplier, it is matched to the original order and the receiving report and a check is generated if all data is complete and consistent.
Materials Requirement plan
11. Purchasing uses the information from the ____ to place purchase orders for raw materials.
12. A(n) ____ is a single Web site that offers many products and services at one Internet location.
Text messaging
13. The MasterCard MoneySend service and Obopay are developing a service that enables people to transmit money to one another via ____.
It employs a database of key operational and planning information that can be shared by all
14. A key feature of an enterprise resource planning system is that ____.
Detailed scheduling plan
15. The ____ refines the production plan defined by the demand management process to develop a detailed production schedule specifying details such as which item to produce first and when production should be switched from one item to another.
Best Practices
16. The process used by leading companies to complete a business process in the most efficient and effective manner are called ____.
17. The number and types of data items that must be loaded into a new ERP system depend on the ____ of the ERP implementation.
All of the above
18. One of the functional units likely to benefit from use of a customer relationship management system is ____.
Confirm the identity of the user requesting access to information or assets
19. Authentication technologies are used by many organizations to ____.
Data Storage
20. ____ involves updating one or more databases with new transactions.
Batch Process
21. With ____, business transactions are accumulated over a period of time for processing in a single unit.
Data Correction
22. ____ involves reentering data that was not typed or scanned correctly.
Abandonment of e-commerce Web sites
23. Poor Web site performance frequently leads to ____.
24. It is estimated that e-commerce contributes about ____ percent to the total U.S. gross domestic product.
25. The elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and the consumer is called ____.
A key indicator report summarizes the previous day’s critical activities and is typically available at the beginning of each workday. T or F
Heuristics, also known as “rules of thumb,” are commonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution. T or F
In general, computerized decision support systems can optimize or minimize. T or F
An executive support system would never be used by members of middle management. T or F
Product development data yields valuable information for the development and marketing of new products. T of F
The database management system of a DSS can also connect to external databases to give decision makers even more information and decision support beyond that available through just corporate databases.T or F
Demand reports are produced on a regular schedule, the same time each day, week, or month. T or F
A decision support system includes people, procedures, software, databases, and devices to help assemble, store, manipulate, and display geographic information. T or F
The overall purpose of the human resource planning subsystem is to aid in the recruiting and selecting of personnel. T or F
A marketing MIS supports managerial activities in product development, distribution, pricing, promotions, and sales. T or F
The ultimate goal of management information and decision support systems is to help managers at the highest level in the organization make automated decisions with little or no effort. T or F
The use of computerized systems is emphasized at all levels of manufacturing-from the shop floor to the executive suite. T or F
Most financial MISs integrate financial and operational information from multiple sources, including the Internet, into multiple systems. T or F
Programmed decisions are made using a rule, procedure, or quantitative method. T or F
Computerized sales analysis is important to identify products, sales personnel, and customers that contribute to profits and those that do not. T or F
DSS and MIS systems are actually quite similar in numerous ways, including the types of problems solved, the support given to users, and the decision emphasis and approach. T or F
The Delphi approach is a group decision making approach that encourages diversity among group members and fosters creativity and original thinking in decision making. T or F
An ad hoc DSS is concerned with situations or decisions that come up frequently during the life of the organization. T or F
Traditionally, executives simply added a profit margin to total costs to set prices and guarantee a decent profit. T or F
Internal auditing involves analyzing the internal financial condition of the firm. T or F
CAD is used in the development and design of complex structures and products. T or F
Computerized sales analysis is important to identify products, sales personnel, and customers that contribute to profits and those that do not. T or F
Cost centers are units within the company that do not directly generate income. T or F
Demand reports are produced on a regular schedule, the same time each day, week, or month. T or F
The economic order quantity is calculated to minimize the number of times an inventory item must be reordered. T or F
A flexible manufacturing system uses computers to link the components of the production process into an effective system. T or F
1. A(n) ____ MIS supports managerial activities in product development, distribution, pricing, promotions, and sales forecasting.
All of the above
2. The ability to ____ is a characteristic of a financial MIS.
3. ____ reports are a set of reports developed to provide certain information upon request.
Cost Center
4. ____ is an organizational unit within an enterprise that does not directly generate revenue.
5. The ____ system provides for the gathering of anonymous input, allows for the exchange of information and expertise among people without direct face-to-face interaction, and support many difference decision-making approaches.
6. The ____ MIS subsystems and outputs are used to monitor and control the flow of materials, products, and services through the organization.
All of the above
7. Decision support systems ____.
8. An effective ____ MIS enables an organization to keep personnel costs at a minimum while serving the required business processes needed to achieve corporate goals.
Inference Engine
9. The ____ is not a component of the typical DSS?
10. The focus of a DSS is on decision-making ____ when faced with unstructured or semistructured business problems.
Problem Complexity
11. The performance of decision support systems is typically a function of decision quality and ____.
12. The first stage in the problem solving process during which one identifies and defines potential problems or opportunities is the ____ stage.
13. A(n) ____ normally is used with structured problems and usually emphasizes information only.
Takes full advantage of data mining, blogs, and social networking sites
14. An executive support system ____.
It is straightforward, requiring known facts and relationships
15. One characteristic of a structured problem is that ____.
16. The ____ report summarizes the previous day’s critical activities and is typically available at the start of each workday.
17. During the ____ stage of the problem solving process, you develop alternative solutions to the problem and evaluate their feasibility.
Dialogue manager
18. A typical DSS includes many components including the ____ which allows decision makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common business terms and phrases.
All of the above
19. ____ is a common characteristic of an executive support system.
20. The key components of a(n) ____ system include a database, model base, dialogue manager, and access to networks and other computer-based systems.
Various TPS and ERP systems and related databases
21. The most significant internal data sources for an MIS are the organization’s ____.
Flexible manufacturing system
22. A(n) ____ is an approach that allows manufacturing facilities to rapidly and efficiently change from making one product to another.
Implementation and monitoring
23. The two phases of problem solving that were added by Huber to Simon’s original three-sate model were ____.
Product development
24. Subsystems for the marketing MIS include ____.