IT Chapter 3

Internet was created to provide
a secure form of communication and a common communication means for all computers
Which of the following describes an IP address
ALL: referred to as a dotted quad; it identifies any computer connecting to the internet and it identifies a website
Which of the following browsers was introduced with Windows 10
Microsoft Edge
What web browser feature would be particularly useful when using public computers
privacy browsing
In the URL, which part is considered the protocol
Search engines that search other search engines are called
Metasearch engines
True or False: Google Docs, a part of google drive, uses wiki technology
True or False: Webcasts are only delivered as prerecorded audio and video content
True or False: The “s” in HTPPS stands for secure and indicates that the secure sockets layer protocol has been applied to the website
True or False: paraphrasing content from a website into your research paper without documenting the source
What is the navigation aid that shows users the path they have taken to get to a web page located within a website
breadcrumb trail
Which search strategy should you use to search for a specific phrase
use quotation marks around the phrase
When using the internet for research, you
should evaluate sites for bias and relevance.
Which of the following is not an internet protocol
Which type of website would StumbleUpon be classified as
Social Bookmarking site
Involves the use of digital technologies such as the internet cell phones, or video to bully another
This item constantly collect data from other websites
This item organize data into large databases
Index database
Set of programs that searches the web for keywords
Search Engine
Bookmarking your favorite website but instead of saving it to your browser for only you to see and share it with others
Social Bookmarking
This feature places a marker of the site’s URL in an easily retrievable list in your browser’s toolbar
Specially coded elements that let you jump from one web page to another within the same website or to another site altogether
The domain name identifies the site’s _____________, the location that maintains the computers that store the website files
Set of rules to retrieve the document
What do you need if you want to read, send and organize email form any computer connected to the internet
Web based email account
Which of the following would be best for synchronous text based communication
instant messaging
Continuously fed your browser so you avoid having to wait fro the entire file to download.
Streaming Media
What is the difference between instant messaging and text messaging
instant messaging is synchronous in which both parties need to be involved at the same time while text messaging is asynchronous in which you don’t need an immediate respond
What is the most widely used form of communication
What is a broadcast of audio or video content over the internet
What is a form of digital media comprised of a series of audio or video files that are distributed over the internet.
A set of four groups of numbers separated by periods such as dotted quad or dotted decimal.
IP Address or Internet Protocol
A computer ask for data
a computer that receives the request and returns the data to the client
Who created the web
Tim Berners-Lee
Who started the internet or the ARPANET project through the US Government
Vinto Cerf & Robert Kahn