The RIM operating system is used in the ___ smartphone.
Data is broken into _____ to be transmitted over the internet
_____ is a bundled set of communications services, including internet, telephone, and TV, that operates over a total fiber-optic communications network.
____ is a wireless telecommunications technology brand owned by an alliance of 300 technology companies that is popping up at airports, coffee shops, college campuses libraries, and restaurants.
____ is the standard page description language for Web pages.
The fiber-optic cables that span the globe over land and under see make up the Internet_____.
citizens of the continent ___ make up the largest percentage of Internet.
The internet will soon be upgraded to IPv6 which uses ____ address to provide for many more devices
The area covered by one or more interconnected wireless access points is commonly called a
hot spot
A(n)_____ is a Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using letters and words
____ is a very short range wireless connectivity technology that enables consumers to swipe their credit cards or even cell phones within a few inches of a special point of sale terminal to pay for purchases
near field communications
____ blocks Internet content that it feels is subversive or threatening to “national unity.”
Many Internet addresses have a code denoting _____ categories, such as com for business sites and edu for education sites.
____ is an object-oriented programming language from Sun Microsystems which allows small programs called applets to be embedded within an HTML document
____ are specially denoted text or graphics on a Web page, that, when clicked, open a Web page containing related content.
Poor Web site performance frequently leads to ____.
abandonment of e-commerce Web sites
____ is a subset of e-commerce that involves electronic transactions between consumers and a third party to facilitate the process.
When an _____ arrives from a supplier, it is matched to the original order and the receiving report and a check is generated if all data is complete and consistent.
Many SMEs elect to implement___ ERP systems
open source
A _____ is a single Web site that offers many products and service at one Internet location.
The two phases of problem solving that were added by Huber to Simon’s original three-sate model were _____.
implementation and monitoring
Decision support systems____.
all of the above
The performance of decision support systems is typically a function of decision quality and _____.
problem complexity
The ____ system provides for the gathering of anonymous input, allows for the exchange of information and expertise among people without direct face-to-face interaction, and support many difference decision-making approaches
The ability to ____ is a characteristic of a financial MIS
all of the above
The ability to ____ is a characteristic of a MIS system
all of the above
One characteristic of a structured problem is that ____
it is straightforward, requiring known facts and relationships
____ is an organizational unit within an enterprise that does not directly generate revenue.
cost center
The key components of a ____ system include a database, model base, dialogue manager, and access to networks and other computer-based systems.
A ____ normally is used with structured problems and usualyl emphasizes information only
The focus of a DSS is on decision-making ____ when faced with unstructured or semistructured business problems.
A typical DSS includes many components including the ___ which allows decision makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common busniess terms and phrases
dialogue manager
An effective ____ MIS enables an organization to keep personnel costs at a minimum wile serving the required business processes needed to achieve corporate goals.
HR (double check this)
____ reports are a set of reports developed to provide certain information upon request.
A____ MIS supports managerial activities in product development, distribution, pricing, promotions, and sales forecasting.
Subsytems for the marketing MIS include_____
product development (double check)
The ____ is not a component of the typical DSS
inference engine
The most significant internal data sources for an MIS are the organization’s _____
various TPS and ERP systems and related databases
During the ____ stage of the problem solving process, you develop alternative solutions to the problem and evaluate their feasibility.
The ____ MIS subsystems and outputs are used to monitor and control the flow of materials, products, and services through the organization.
The firsty stage in the problem solving process during which one identifies and defines potential problems or opportunities is the ___ state.
A ____ is an approach that allows manufacturing facilities to rapidly and efficiently change from making one product to another.
flexible manufacturing system
____ is a common characteristic of an executive support system.
all of the above
The ____ report summarizes the previous day’s critical activities and is typically available at the start of each workday.
An executive support system_____
is very similar to a DSS, except it is targeted for use by executives