1. Which of the following is the best definition for a LAN?
a. A network in a small geographic area, like in an office
b. A network whose computers and servers are separated geographically, but sill connected.
c. The interconnection of component, such as laptops, printers, keyboards, and other wireless devices within a personal range (typically 10 meters or less).
d. An extension of a private network over a shared or public network such as the Internet
7. Which of the following describes the part of the IPv6 address that identifies the subnet address?
a. The last quartet in the IPv6 address prefix
b. The last quartet in the IPv6 address interface ID
c. The first quartet in the IPv6 address prefix
d. The firs quartet in the IPv6 address interface ID
8. Which of the following features on a wireless network allows or rejects client connections based on the hardware address?
a. WEP
c. MAC address filtering
14. Your organization uses an 802.11g wireless network. Recently, other tenants installed the following equipment in your building.
• A wireless television distribution system running at 2.4
•G HA zwireless phone system running at 5.8
•G HA zwireless phone system running at 900
•M AHnz 802.11a wireless network running in the 5.725 5.850 GHz frequency
Since this equipment was installed, your wireless network has been experiencing significant interference. Which system is to blame?
a. The wireless TV system
b. The 5.8 GHz wireless phone system
c. The 900 MHZ wireless phone system.
d. The 802.11a wireless network.
e. The 802.11j wireless network
15. Which of the following is typically used for large data backups of servers?
a. DLT tape
b. CD-R
c. DVD-R
16. You have a motherboard with 4 built-in SATA connectors. What is the maximum number of SATA devices you can connect to the motherboard using the integrated ports?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 16
d. 32
e. 64
22. You want to combine storage space from two different hard disks into a single logical storage unit on your Windows computer. What should you do?
a. Use basic disks and primary partition
b. Use basic disks and an extended partition
c. Use dynamic disks and simple volume
d. Use dynamic disks and a spanned volume
21. Practice Labs from section 6.2
do it boi
29. Which of the following is used on a wireless network to identify the network name?
b. MAC address
c. WEP key
d. WPÁ passphrase
2. Which of the following is a rating of the amount of data that can be sent over a network in a period of time?
a. Bandwidth
b. Jitter
c. Broadband
d. Latency
3. Which kind of connector do you use to connect a modem to a standard telephone line?
a. RJ-11
b. RJ-45
c. RG-58
d. F-type
9. What is the maximum range of the Bluetooth 2.0 specification for Class 1 devices?
a. 10 M
b. 30 M
c. 50 M
d. 100 M
e. 300 M
10. You are installing a satellite connection so your home office can connect to the Internet. Which of the following statements is true?
a. The satellite dish must be pointed in the correct direction for communicating with the satellite.
b. The connection between the satellite modem and dish uses a USB cable and connector.
c. You must have at the least one available phone line for data.
d. The connection to your computer from the satellite modem may be RJ-11 or F-type.
11. Which of the following are good reasons to enable NAT?
a. To cache web pages
b. To limit public access to just your DHCP server instead of your whole network.
c. To translate between Internet IP addresses and the IP addresses on your private network.
d. To prevent hackers from accessing your network.
17. Which optical media has the greatest storage capacity?
a. Dual-layer, single-sided DVD
b. Single-layer, single-sided Blu-ray disc
c. Compact disc
d. Dual-layer, double-sided DVD
18. Practice Labs from section 5.6
do it boi
23. On a Windows 10, using Storage Spaces eliminates the need for which of the following tasks? (Select two.)
a. Repartitioning drives
b. Resizing volumes
c. Formatting hard drives
d. Creating RAID arrays
e. Running Defragmentation
f. Using Disk Cleanup
30. You need a type of wireless connection that can transfer data between your phone, PDA, and laptop. You are transferring sensitive information. Which would be the best choice?
a. Bluetooth
b. Infrared
c. Cellular WAN
d. Wireless Ethernet
4. Your network follows the 1000 Base-T specifications for Gigabit Ethernet. What is the maximum cable segment length allowed?
a. 100 meters
b. 412 meters
c. 1,000 meters
d. 2,000 meters
5. Which of the following best describes an IP address class?
a. The class is the version of IP addressing standard used by the address.
b. The class defines the default network address portion of the IP address.
c. The class defines the type of device that the address is assigned to (i.e. server, printer, and workstation).
d. The class refers to the range of IP addresses that a DHCP server has been authorized to assign.
6. Which TCP/IP configuration parameter identifies the router that is used to reach hosts on remote networks?
a. Default gateway
b. Subnet mask
c. WINS server address
d. DNS server address
e. Alternate IP address
12. Which of the following tools allow for remote management of servers? (Select two.)
a. SSH
b. Telnet
c. FTP
d. POP3
13. You have a Windows 7 computer connected to a small network that is not part of a domain. You want to see the computers and printers on the network. Which feature would you use?
a. My Network Places
b. HomeGroup
c. Devices and Printers
d. Devices Manager
19. You have been asked to implement a RAID 5 solution for an engineer’s desktop workstation. What is the minimum number of hard disks that can be used to configure RAID 5?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
e. 6
24. Which of the following disk maintenance utilities will locate and dispose of files that can be safely removed from the disk?
a. Disk Cleanup
b. Disk Defragmenter
c. Check Disk
d. Disk Management
25. Due to a blackout, power is no longer coming from the wall outlet and your computer is now off. You do not have a UPS and you need to remove a disc out of the DVD drive. What is the easiest method for retrieving the disc?
a. Press the drive eject button while pressing the computer’s restart button.
b. Push an unbent paper clip into the hole on the front of the drive.
c. Remove the drive and carefully pry open the tray.
d. Add a UPS between the wall outlet and the computer.