ITN_106 Chapter 17 Critical Thinkking

Suppose your SOHO network connects to the Internet using cable modem. When you open your browser and try to access a web site, you get the error, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.” What might be the problem(s) and what do you try first? Second? What is the last thing you might try?
1. Windows networking has a problem. In the Network and Sharing Center, try to repair the connection.

2. Check to see if the computer is in “Beast Mode” and then make random changes to the registry to see if that has any effect.

Your organization has set up three levels of data classification accessed by users on a small network:

Low security: Data in the C:Public folder;
Medium security: Data in a shared folder that some, but not all, user groups can access;
High security: Data in a shared and encrypted folder that requires a password to access.

The folder is shared only to one user group. Classify each of the sets of data as Low, Medium or High:

a. Low security – Directions to the company Fourth of July party
b. High security – Details of an invention made by the company president that has not yet been patented
c. Medium security – Résumés presented by several people applying for a job with the company
d. High security – Payroll spreadsheets
e. Low security – Job openings at the company