Jour 101 ch 10

Paul Baran’s idea of cutting messages into small pieces and sending them on the easiest route was known as which of the following?
Packet switching
One of the big advantages of distributing a movie over the Internet instead of in theaters is which of the following?
The cost of online distribution is close to zero
The World Wide Web was developed almost entirely as a for-profit venture.
Approximately 60 percent of all the people living on the African continent have access to the Internet.
Employers are increasingly wanting to view the social media sites for people they are considering hiring.
The World Wide Web became the standard for posting documents on the Internet because its creator did which of the following?
Gave it away for free
A major advantage of the Internet as a source of news is that only accurate information gets posted.
The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address of content placed on the Web.
The Internet differs from traditional media because it contains elements of interpersonal, group, and mass communication.
More than half of the world’s population can be considered “active” Internet users according to a chart described in the lecture.
Google News has a large staff to decide which news stories will get posted to the site.
The audience for online news sites has now surpassed the size of the audience for television news.
Broadcast journalist Tony Russell uses the following social media platform regularly on the job ___________________________.
All of the above
HTML consists of a series of tags that say how text ought to be represented, where graphics should be placed, and what links should be included.
According to Tim Berners-Lee, which of the following is a principle upon which the Web is based?
Users should be able to link to any document at anywhere in the world
Video games could be considered a new mass medium because:
The content can be used to deliver a range of media content, and video games are becoming a new way to deliver advertising
One example of reversse synergy discussed in the lecture included __________________________.
concerns about privacy and the Web
Social media are online sites that allow users to:
all of the above
One of the biggest supporters of the net neutrality movement is Comcast.
People connect to the Internet using which of the following?
All of the above
Which of the following is the abbreviation for the name of an address where Web pages are located?
Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should ________________________.
Neither favor nor block particular products or websites
According to the lecture, in North America, ____ percent of the ovreall population has access to the Internet at home.
more than 80
Who developed TCP/IP, the original specification for the Internet’s protocols?
Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf
Web sites use _____ to track users while they are on the site.
small files called cookies
A blog is a collection of links and commentary in hypertext that can be created and posted on the Internet.
On a Web site, cookies are which of the following?
files used to identify and track visitors at a Web sites
Twitter was originally created so people could share their answers to the question:
What are you doing
Information from the Internet may be unreliable because it does not have the gatekeepers deciding what information should or should not be published.