Jour- Chp. 9

Why are broadcast networks making their hit programs available on the Internet?
Because if the networks didn’t put legal copies up on the Internet, people would just share pirated copies.
PBS attracted its first significant audiences with which of the following programs?
Sesame Street
T or F- More advertising dollars are now spent for online video advertising than traditional TV advertising.
T or F- In 2011, ESPN was the most profitable unit in the Disney family of companies.
In the 1960s, television programs were not allowed to show which of the following?
a married couple sharing a bed
Jon Stewart, on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, used to:
Over the last thirty years, the Big Three television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) have done which of the following?
They have lost a significant percentage of viewers to cable, independent stations and other digital viewing options
T or F- Newscast producer Gerard Manogin says an internship is essential for anyone thinking about working in broadcast news.
Network affiliates are which of the following?
Local broadcast stations that carry network programming
T or F- When the VCR first came out, broadcasters and movie studios saw it as threat and tried to make home recording illegal.
T or F- Spanish-language television stations such as Univision can attract nationwide audiences that approach those of the Big Four networks.
What are telenovelas?
Spanish-language television soap operas
“Cord cutters” are people who have decided to _______________________________.
Families or people who decided to cancel traditional table service and view TV via video stream (all of the above)
Tor F- The Fox Network first went on the air in 1975.
Television networks are now showing more diverse programming for which of the following reasons?
They want to attract a larger audience.
Nielsen Media Research says the average American spends ____ hours a day watching television.
More than 4
When HBO first went on the air in 1975, the broadcast networks made which of the following responses?
They saw it as a great opportunity and partnered with it to produce programming.
The conversion from analog to digital television broadcasting was delayed by several months in 2009 because:
many fears that some poorer consumers were not ready for the conversion.
The so-called V-chip is designed to do which of the following?
Stop children from seeing offensive programs on V-chip equipped television sets
T or F- HDTV may offer local TV stations more money-making opportunities than standard digital television.
T or F- Television content ratings were introduced the same year as movie ratings.
T or F-The Internet and television are becoming increasingly separate media.
Cable television was initially developed as a way of doing which of the following?
Delivering broadcast television signals to communities with poor reception
All U.S. television broadcasting became digital in which year?
Television technology might have developed more quickly, except for the fact that _____.
-the production of Tv sets was suspended during WWII
-The U.S. government took several years to figure out how to best license TV stations
-early TV sets were relatively expensive
T or F- When the VCR first came out, broadcasters and movie studios saw it as a great opportunity to expand their markets.
T or F- Cable companies are replacing copper wire cable with fiber optic cable.
Philo T. Farnsworth invited which of the following?
the basic technology for television
Critics worry that TV has a strong influence on young people because
-unlike reading a book, watching TV takes relatively few skills
-tv can replace the roles that grandparents, parents, and teachers play in the lives of children
-tv has become the most commonly shared source of meaning in young people’s lives
T or F- Started in 1980 as a local channel in Washington, D.C. BET was the nation’s first all-horse racing cable network
T or F- “Social TV” involves people sharing their TV viewing experience with others via social mediA
T or F- Ted Turner help reinvent cable television by repackaging programming for distribution over several separate networks
Which of the following is something newscast producer Gerard Manogin considers before determining whether a story belongs in his newscast?
-Whether the story has a strong video
-Whether the story will get people talking
-Whether the story has strong interviews and sound
What medium do most Americans use for news?