Journalism 101 chapter 8

Which of the following was first major movie with multiple scenes and a plot?
The Great Train Robbery
Why did the Hays Office, run by the movie industry, censor films?
Because many states and communities were threatening to set up local censorship boards that might have inconsistent standards of what they would or would not accept.
Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne Marey are famous for which of the following?
They conducted early experiments on depicting motion with photos.
The Production Code started in the 1930s to encourage “lustful kissing” as a way of attracting women to the movies.
The Bechdel Test for Women in Film is designed to see how much violence is directed against women in movies.
In the 1930s and 1940s, the studios required theaters to schedule a large number of lesser movies in order to get one or two major films. This practice was known as which of the following?
block booking
In 2007, for the first time, movie fans could see the Oscar-nominated short films as digital downloads from Apple’s iTunes store.
In 2015, the makers of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Green Legend angered theater owners because of their plans to __________________________.
release the movie on Netflix and in IMAX theaters first.
Spike Lee has maintained his independence as a movie director by doing which of the following?
controlling the cost of his movies
Which of the following was one of the earliest rebellions against the controls of the studio system?
the establishment of United Artists
Ancillary markets for movies include which of the following?
international distribution rights
network television rights
toys and clothing
The blacklist of the 1940s and 1950s was driven by which of the following?
a fear of communism
Movie attendance peaked in which year?
By 2012, ______ was the most popular way to play movies at home.
Streaming video services
Movie studios are responding to the growth of movie piracy by doing which of the following?
releasing the movie to as many theaters as possible
Which of the following movies proved the value of Internet promotion?
The Blair Witch Project
The United States produces more movies every year than any other country.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was a significant movie for which of the following reasons?
it was the first major American movie to be filmed with all digital sets and backgrounds.
Major movie studios like to release NC-17 rated movies because they know that they will attract large audiences at mall theaters.
The movie The Blair Witch Project demonstrated that any movie, no matter how bad, could become a success if you spent millions of dollars promoting it.
Directors often “re-cut” their films, taking out violence or explicit sex, in order to move their movie from an NC-17 to an R rating.
The film that created the idea of the summer blockbuster was which of the following?
The “Hollywood Ten” are the writers who made David Letterman a star.
Movie profitability is determined by which of the following?
box office receipts
home video sales
the budget for making the film
Atlanta-based filmmaker Tyler Perry was the nation’s second-highest paid African-American in the movie business in 2010.
Movies are rated by a board consisting of Los Angeles-area parents.
Who was the director of Birth of a Nation, the controversial silent film about the Civil War?
D.W. Griffith
After World War II, movie attendance declined due to competition from television.
Once it was introduced, almost every movie made used which of the following technologies?
The movie High School Musical 3: Senior Year was a profitable hit because:
it had a small budget, lots of product tie-ins, and high video sales.
Big budget movies can earn as much from ancillary rights as they do from the domestic box office.
Who developed the earliest portable movie cameras?
Auguste-Marie and Louis-Jean Lumière
Which of the following was the movie that sold the most tickets of all time?
Gone With the Wind
Hollywood’s response to the rise of television was to do which of the following?
start making larger-than-life movies, using newer technologies