K201 Exam

According to your textbook, in the five-component framework of an information system, which is the most important?
Each Information System is comprised of five components. Match the component with the order in which it appears (from left to right) in the Five-Component Model.
Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, People
The number of components in the Five Component Model increases in proportion to an Information System’s complexity and/or size.
A graph of a stock price fluctuation is an example of…
In order for data to be considered timely it must be delivered in real time.
Good data are always worth the cost, no matter how expensive.
Keeping track of data involving multiple themes such as employees, transactions, customers, supplies, etc. should be done with which of the following?
A relational database
The data displayed in Design View of a table in an Access database is an example of ______
A database is simply a group of tables or files.
False, also contains relationships
Fields are considered…
Bytes are considered…
Tables are considered…
Records are considered…
Businesses often purchase IS to enhance efficiency
False, they purchase IT
In order for any organization to consider data timely it must be up to the second
In Pre-Lab this week you created a relationship between the Employees table and the Employee_Training table. Both tables contain an Employee_ID field. What type of Key is the Employee_ID field in the Employee_Training table?
Foreign Key
How many primary functions does a database management system (DBMS) have?
3. Create, Process, and Administer
Which of the following is an international standard language for processing a database?
The lost-update problem can be resolved by implementing multi-user database processing.
False, the problem is caused by multiple users
Microsoft Access is a database
False, DBMS
A ___________ makes databases more useful for obtaining information.
database application
A ________ describes the data and relationships that will be stored in a database.
data model
Relationships: Many to many
A table containing normalized data should have 3 or fewer themes.
False, only one
N:M relationships should be represented in a data model the same way a 1:N relationship is represented.
Which of the following should be responsible for signing off on the data model before a database is developed?
end users
One to many
Many to many
The forked lines on the right side of a line on an E-R diagram that indicates a 1:N relationship between two entities is referred to as…
Crow’s feet
What type of relationship would be a student table and a classes table
Many to many
In this database what type of relationship would be between a Supplier table and a Food item table that has info on every specific food item
One to many
Information systems that process operational, social, and other data to identify patterns, trends, and relationships for use by business professionals are known as_______.
Business Intelligence Systems
The patterns, trends, and relationships produced by these information systems are referred to as ________.
Business Intelligence
An inventory report set to run automatically when an item reaches a critical low point is an example of pull publishing.
False, push
Which of the following is the first primary activity in the BI process?
Acquire data
One of the main benefits of BI Analysis is that there are no discrepancies in the data acquired from multiple sources.
False, no matter how advanced
________ is the application of statistical techniques to find patterns and relationships among data for classification and prediction.
Data mining
Which of the following is true of unsupervised data mining?
Analysts do not create a model or hypothesis before running the analysis
With ________, data miners develop a model prior to the analysis and apply statistical techniques to data to estimate parameters of the model.
supervised data mining
A common business application of decision trees is to classify loans by likelihood of default.
The process by which Netflix recommends movies and TV shows that you may like is an example of business intelligence systems being utilized in the entertainment industry.
What is the software component of a BI System called?
BI Application
Workers speak into mic and ask where to put package
Pull Publish Report
One benefit from effective supervised data mining techniques is to determine sales patterns which can result in increased sales through cross-selling
False, it is unsupervised
Regression Analysis, which is statistical method of measuring the effects of a set of variables on another variable is an example of a supervised data mining technique
A ________ is a person or an organization that seeks to obtain or alter data or other IS assets illegally, without the owner’s permission and often without the owner’s knowledge.
Which of the following is considered a threat caused by human error
an employee inadvertently installing an old database on top of the current one
In the context of security threats, pretexting, sniffing, spoofing, and phishing are all examples of ________.
unauthorized data disclosure
In order to access your student records, you must authenticate with your IU username and passphrase. This is an example of which caregory of safeguard?
Encryption, the process of transforming clear text into coded, unintelligible text for secure storage or communication is a type of human safeguard.
False, data and techincal
Nonword passwords are vulnerable to a ________ attack in which the password cracker tries every possible combination of characters.
brute force
When transferring funds online through the website of a reputed bank. Which of the following will be displayed in the address bar of your browser that will let you know that the bank is using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol?
________ refers to an organization-wide function that is in charge of developing data policies and enforcing data standards
Data administration
________ protect databases and other organizational data.
Data safeguards
Which of the following statements is true about human safeguards for employees?
User accounts should be defined to give users the least possible privilege needed to perform their jobs.
Email spoofing is a synonym of phishing
In information security which of the following is true about managing risk
Organizations should implement safeguards that balance the trade-off between risk and cost
_______ is a type of virus that self propagates using the internet or other computer network
__________involve the people and procedure components of IS
Human safeguards
A student team, which is assigned a term project, meets and divides the work into sections and then team members work independently on their individual pieces. An hour before the project is due the team members meet again to assemble their independent pieces into a whole. Which of the following is lacking in this activity?
Which of the following is a key difference between collaboration and cooperation?
Unlike cooperation, collaboration gives importance to iteration and feedback.
Which of the following is a primary purpose of collaboration?
becoming informed
Kyra, a plant supervisor, orders 500 units of Type-2 steel beams for the coming month. In doing so, she has made a(n) ________ decision.
Project leaders have to make decisions on the allocation and utilization of materials and labor. Such decisions are called ________ decisions.
An organization uses a formula to compute the reorder quantity of an item in inventory. This is an example of a(n) ________ decision process.
Which of the following questions is best answered through unstructured decision making?
Should we continue to outsource our bookkeeping processes?
The need for collaboration is greatest for ________ decisions.
Margaret finds that calling all her senior supervisors and quality managers for a face-to-face meeting is not feasible. She arranges for a multiparty text chatting session involving all of them. This is an example of asynchronous communication.
False, synchronous
Version-management systems ________.
track changes to shared documents
A team of ALDI District Managers working to increase the overall Q3 sales in the US is an example of…
When all team members meet over skype to discuss a plan for the xP assignment, they are participating in
synchronous communication
Versions Managements tools limit, and sometimes even direct user activity to control workflow