K201 final

Which of the IS components below is part of a Business Intelligence Information System
What is the software component of a BI System called?
BI Application
Data produced from actual viewing habits of customers is more reliable than data produced via focus groups because buyers often say they want one thing, but purchase something else.
The Business Intelligence Process contains three primary activities. What are they?
Acquire data, Perform analysis, Publish results
Which of the following are examples of unsupervised data mining techniques?
Market-basket analysis
Decision trees
In the context of security threats, pretexting, sniffing, spoofing, and phishing are all examples of ________.
unauthorized data disclosure
In information security, which of the following is true about managing risk?
Organizations should implement safeguards that balance the trade-off between risk and cost.
Which of the following is classified as a technical safeguard?
A ________ is a type of virus that self-propagates using the Internet or other computer network.
If the incident-response plan is not well-prepared, there is substantial risk that the actions of well-meaning people will make the problem worse.
A team of ALDI District Managers working to increase the overall Quarter 3 sales in the U.S. is an example of _______________.
_____________ decisions involve the day-to-day operations.
Project data is data that includes tasks, schedules, budgets, etc.
When all team members meet over Skype to discuss a plan for the xP assignment, they are participating in _____________________ communication.
Project data is data that includes tasks, schedules, budgets, etc.
False; project metadata
Version management tools limit, and sometimes even direct user activity to control workflow.
There are three roles in a social media information system (SMIS). Which role is ALDI with their Twitter account @AldiUSA?
Amanda is at her first IU Basketball game. She posts a selfie to Instagram getting several likes and comments. Her post along with the likes and comments are examples of _____________.
content data
Social CRM is a(n) ________ process.
unstructured and uncontrolled
A revenue model where advertisers display ads to potential customers for free and pay only when the customer interacts with the ad is known as ________.
According to McAfee, suggesting content to employees based on tags created is a characteristic of the ________ component of Enterprise 2.0.