K201Final Review

Solid-state storage devices are different than hard disks in that they _______.
have no moving parts
Desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, and mobile devices are classified as _______.
personal computers
The electronic equivalent of a file cabinet is a _______.
What program would be used to create a website?
web authoring
Free computer games and free screen saver programs are typical carriers of _______.
Trojan horses
Analysis tools that support viewing all or selected parts of data, querying the database, and generating reports include query-by-example as well as specialized programming language called _______.
What documentation shows the difference between the income and expenses of the company for a specific time period?
Income statements
True or False: The most common standard in LANs is called Ethernet.
This allows you to upload and store documents on the Internet.
cloud storage
Pathways that support communication among the various electronic components on the system board are called _______.
bus lines
For browsers to connect to resources on the Internet, the location of the resources must be specified through addresses called _______.
uniform resource locators (urls)
Small data files that are deposited on a user’s hard disk when they visit a website are called _______.
If all the data in a database is not physically located in one place, it would be a(n) _______ database.
A collection of related fields such as a person’s name, address, and age.
These apps allow mobile devices to use their digital cameras to scan special codes.
QR code reader
A keyboard key, like Caps Lock, that turns a feature on or off is called a _______ key.
Having several instances of the same data is called data _______.
True or False: Top-level managers need information both from within the organization and from outside.
This process improves system performance by acting as a temporary high-speed holding area between a secondary storage device and the CPU.
disk caching
True or False: A stylus uses pressure to draw images on a screen.
A financial budget would be created in what type of data file?
System software does not include_____.
The combined information presented on this type of database can be used to change the whole merchandising strategy of a store.
Most personal computers allow users to expand their systems by providing these on the system board.
expansion slots
True or False: The ALU tells the rest of the computer system how to carry out a program’s instructions.
Online banking is an example of what type of e-commerce?
The system board is also known as the _______.
The hard disk’s disk surface is scratched and some or all of the data is destroyed when there is a _______.
head crash
Which system is a type of artificial intelligence that uses a database, containing facts and rules, to provide assistance to users?
expert system
A computer can become infected with viruses in all the following ways, except by _______.
creating a new folder on your computer
True or False: The most common protocol for website encryption is https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure).
This type of boot occurs when the computer is already on and you restart it without turning off the power.
warm boot
This type of e-commerce often resembles the electronic version of the classified ads or an auction.
The Internet is the largest _______ in the world.
Which would be the most appropriate type of application to create, analyze and forecast budgets?
True or False: In a database, primary keys are often used to link tables.
True or False: A rogue attack uses software to try thousands of common words in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user’s account.
Which of the following is not a function of the operating system?
providing internet access
Information collected by an organization from a variety of external and internal databases is stored in this special type of database.
data warehouse
These are specialized graphics programs for editing or modifying digital photographs.
image editors
The equipment that processes data in order to create information is called the _______.
Which among the following is a fraudulent or deceptive act designed to trick individuals on the Internet into spending time or money for little or no return?
internet scam
General-purpose applications include all of the following except:
web authoring
True or False: One of the biggest challenges for the growth of e-commerce is the development of fast, secure, and reliable payment methods for buying goods.
Twitter is an example of what type of site?
A field that uniquely identifies each record.
Primary key
The category of operating system used for handheld devices.
True or False: Customer profiles, census data, and economic forecasts are examples of external data.
True or False: Biometric scanning devices are used to scan employee identification cards.
Which physical connection is the fastest?
fiber-optic cable
True or False: Solid-state storage uses rigid metallic platters to store data using the magnetic charges of the disk’s surface.
The process of coding information to make it unreadable except to those who have a special piece of information known as a key.
Which of the following printer features enables you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper?
This character encoding scheme allows non-English characters and special characters to be represented.
A CD-RW disc _______.
can be erased and written
This type of software can be described as end user software and is used to accomplish a variety of tasks.
True or False: Microsoft Word cannot be used to create personalized web pages.
This type of computer criminal creates and distributes malicious programs.
The Internet is a(n) _______ made up of wires, cables, satellites, and rules for exchanging information between computers connected to the network.
physical network
This type of Wi-Fi hotspot operates close to a legitimate Wi-Fi hotspot and steals information such as usernames and passwords.
A service that uses existing phone lines to provide high-speed connections is called _______.
True or False: Optical scanners recognize individual letters or images.
Which programming language is used within HTML documents to trigger interactive features?
Remote users can connect to an organization’s network through this type of secure private connection.
True or False: Accounts payable refers to money the company owes its suppliers for materials and services it has received.
Regional managers can compare their regular sales reports with that of the other regional managers by using _______.
periodic reports
True or False: A network gateway can be used to connect the LAN of one office group to the LAN of another office group.
This operating system is widely used by servers on the web, mainframe computers, and very powerful personal computers.
The study of human factors related to things people use.
True or False: Many apps are written for a particular type of mobile device and will not run on other types.
In the URL “http://www.simnetonline.com”, “.com” is the _______.
top-level domain (TDL)
Which of the following is not a well-known Web browser?
windows exploer
For multicore processors to be used effectively, computers must understand how to divide tasks into parts that can be distributed across each core–an operation called _______.
parallel processing
The type of media that uses laser technology to store data and programs is _______.
optic disc
True or False: QuickTime and Acrobat Reader are classified as plug-in programs.
Most applications use a(n) _______ that displays graphical elements called icons to represent familiar objects.
graphical user interface
Which of the following allows the transmission of telephone calls over computer networks?
voice over IP
A transaction processing system is also referred to as a _______.
data processing system
A utility program that makes a copy of all files or selected files that are in the libraries, contacts, and favorites on the desktop.
backup and restore
Which system presents information in a highly summarized form?
Executive support system (ESS)
Which of the following is a function of the control unit?
It directs the movement of electronic signals between memory and the arithmetic-logic unit.
True or False: Utility suites come with one program only.
This computer component holds the program and data that is currently being processed.
True or False: Functions, formulas, charts and what-if analysis are common features of database management systems.
True or False: File servers are appropriate devices to use in an enterprise storage system.
This hardware houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system.
System Unit
Identify the program that coordinates computer resources, provides an interface between users and the computer, and runs applications.
operating system
True or False: CAD/CAM systems use powerful personal computers running special programs that integrate the design and manufacturing activities.
True or False: Google’s Chrome OS focuses on Internet connectivity and cloud computing.
What are the two major software types?
system software & application software
Optical discs use these to represent data.
pits and lands
A byte is formed by a group of _______.
8 bits
Which of the following offers a combination of the features of RAM and ROM?
Flash memory
Which technology allows users to shift their desktop computing activities to computers on the Internet?
cloud computing
In many application programs, this feature is used to provide information or request input.
dialog boxes
This subsystem defines the logical structure of the database by using a data dictionary or schema.
data definition
This records assets, liabilities, and the equity owned by the owners of an organization.
balance sheet
Who is responsible for operational matters and monitoring day-to-day events?
True or False: Media are the actual physical material that holds the data and programs.
Frequently-accessed information is held in _______.
cache memory
Which of the following is not a popular mobile operating system?
Mountain Lion
The _______ keeps records of the number of each kind of part or finished good in the warehouse.
inventory control system
Which of the following can be used to connect several devices to the system unit and are widely used to connect keyboards, mice, printers, storage devices, and a variety of specialty devices?
USB port
This level of management is concerned with long-range planning and uses information that will help them plan the future growth and direction of the organization.
top management
Which of the following characteristics about RAID is incorrect?
one high-capacity hard disk drive
The content of a website is broken down into a series of related pieces of information which is represented in a _______.
graphical site map
True or False: If you have used Google Docs to create a word processing document, you have used cloud computing.
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Printer speed is measured in the number of words printed per minute.
Which of the following types of character recognition systems is used for standardized multiple-choice testing?
True or False: Function keys provide shortcuts for specific tasks.
This commercial database offers news and information on legal, public records, and business issues.
True or False: In a network environment, the network server computer coordinates all communications between the other computers.
True or False: Plug and Play has become a generic term that is associated with the ability to plug any device into a computer and have it play or work immediately.
An example of this type of report would be a sales report that shows that certain items are selling significantly above or below forecasts.
True or False: Thermal printers use heat elements to produce images on heat-sensitive paper and are used at ATMs and gasoline pumps.
Creating finished goods and services using raw materials and personnel pertains to which of the following functions?
Programs that allow you to mix text and graphics and focus on flexible page design and layout.
desktop publishing
The most common way to access the Internet is through _______.
an internet service provider ISP
This law gives you the right to look at your personal records held by government agencies.
freedom of information act
True or False: Cloud printers provide printing services to users without access to the Internet.
True or False: Client-based e-mail accounts require a special program called an e-mail client to be installed on your computer.
These types of ports typically provide connections to specialized devices such as camcorders and storage devices.
These screens can be touched with more than one finger, which allows for interactions such as rotating graphical objects on the screen with your hand or zooming in and out by pinching and stretching your fingers.
Which of the following are two important components of the system unit?
microprocessor and memory
True or False: A firewall is a specialized technology designed to protect an organization’s network against external threats.
A wireless access point that provides Internet access in a public place such as a coffee shop, library, bookstore, or university.
This social networking site is used for professional, business-oriented networking.
Programs that automatically start and operate as a part of your browser are called _______.
This type of database is organized into many tables with common data items (key fields) linking the tables to one another.
Which of the following ports is used for connecting musical instruments to a sound card?
Corporations often use this to prevent copyright violations.
Digital rights management (DRM)
Which part of an information system consists of the rules or guidelines for people to follow?
If Mr. Smith’s bike has been sent to his new address, but the bill to his old one, it can most likely be attributed to a lack of data _______.
The GPS device in an automobile uses which communication channel?
True or False: A magnetic card reader does not require the card to actually make contact with the reader.
True or False: The system unit, also known as the system chassis, is a container that houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system.
Most operating systems support the ability to switch between different applications. This is called _______.
Launched in 1969 as a U.S. funded project that developed a national computer network, the Internet was initially called _______.
Identify the four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer system.
System unit, input/output, secondary storage, and communication
True or False: Discarded CRTs are a serious threat to the environment, given their high content levels of lead and other hazardous materials.
_______ provide additional information and request user input.
dialog boxes
Cellular services use _______ to provide wireless connectivity to the Internet.
3G and 4G networks
True or False: Mass storage devices are specialized high-capacity secondary storage devices designed to store large amounts of data for an organization.
True or False: The ATM works on the principle of real-time processing.
True or False: The CAN-SPAM Act has proven to be more effective than spam blockers at preventing unwanted e-mail.
True or False: The process of saving information to a secondary storage device is referred to as embedding.
All communications between a company’s internal networks and the outside world pass through this server.
True or False: Smartphones are a type of handheld computer that do not need input, output, processing, or storage.
In most personal computer systems, the CPU is contained on a single chip called the _______.
Money collected from or owed by customers is called _______.
accounts receivable
All of the following are commonly used units of measurement to describe memory capacity, except _______.
nanobyte NB
In _______, data is processed at the same time the transaction occurs.
real-time processing
In a computer network, this node that requests and uses resources available from other nodes.
The most widely used personal computer operating system.
“Background” software that helps the computer manage resources is called _______.
system software
True or False: Digital or interactive whiteboards display a computer’s desktop and can be controlled using a special pen or a finger.
True or False: Cutting and pasting material from a website directly into your own report or paper without giving proper credit to the original source is unethical.
Every computer on the Internet has a unique numeric address called a(n) _______.
IP address
True or False: The Internet and the Web are the same.
The windows troubleshooting utility that identifies and eliminates nonessential files is called _______.
disk cleanup
Organizations use the following to allow suppliers and others limited access to their networks.
The size, or _______, is measured by the diagonal length of a monitor’s viewing area.
active display area
True or False: Cloud suites are stored on your hard drive and are available anywhere you can access the Internet.
A dedicated, mobile device for storing and displaying e-books and other electronic media including electronic newspapers and magazines.
e-book reader
True or False: Presentation graphics software is an excellent tool to communicate a message and to persuade people.
True or False: CD-ROMs are often used to archive data and to record music downloaded from the Internet.
When a single physical computer runs this type of software, it operates as though it were two or more separate and independent computers.
Microwave communication uses high-frequency _______.
radio waves
True or False: 64-bit-word computer can access 8 bytes at a time.
True or False: Each table in a database is made up of rows, called fields.
Which of the following is not an example of a document file created by a word processor?
Pricing, promoting, selling, and distributing the organization’s goods and services pertains to which of the following functions?
The essential features of this include identifying, sending, and receiving devices and breaking information into small parts for transmission across the Internet.
This GUI includes tabs, groups and galleries.
OMR, OCR, and MICR are all types of _______.
character and mark recognition devices
True or False: It is highly likely that each one of us has an electronic profile created by information resellers.
Which view of data deals with how the data is actually formatted and located?
physical view
This type of embedded operating system is used by smartphones.
The arrangement of keys on a keyboard, QWERTY reflects the keyboard layout by _______.
taking the letters of the first six alphabetical characters found on the top row of keys
When a file is broken up into small parts that are stored wherever space is available, the hard disk is said to become _______.
Before sending a large file over the Internet, you might want to use one of these programs.
file compressing program
The _______ activity records the customer requests for products or services.
sales order processing
True or False: A prototype is a set of communication rules for the exchange of information.
The process of accessing information from secondary storage devices is referred to as _______.
The capacity of a communication channel is measured in _______.
True of False: When a single physical computer runs a special program known as virtualization software, it operates as though it were two or more separate and independent computers, known as virtual machines.
The operating system is often referred to as the software environment or software _______.
This type of program allows communication between a peripheral device, such as a mouse or printer, and the rest of the computer system.
disk driver
Which one of the following is not considered a form of secondary storage?
_____ systems help supervisors by generating databases that act as the foundation for other information systems.
Transaction processing
True or False: Uploading is the process of copying a file from a website to your computer.
True or False: The executive support system helps top-level managers oversee the company’s operations and develop strategic plans.
A microcomputer that is smaller, lighter, and less powerful than a notebook, and which has a touch sensitive screen, is called a _______.
Which of the following is not an example of secondary storage?
Access to these databases is offered to the public or selected outside individuals, for a fee.
commercial database
True or False: In a peer-to-peer network, only the central host computer supplies the resources, the other computers request resources from this host.
These discs have a capacity of 50 gigabytes on one side.
This type of network strategy uses central servers to coordinate and supply services to other nodes on the network.
The Web was introduced in 1991 at _______.
Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN)
This type of mouse emits and senses light to detect mouse movement.