Lesson 2 A

What is the term for voice information delivered in digital form as packets of data using Internet Protocol (IP) instead of the traditional circuit-switched lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN)?
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Sending jokes via e-mail or sending instant messages to someone who does not want to be contacted can be considered:
a form of harassment
Web feeds can be read using software called
an aggregator
What is one reason blogging has become so popular and prevalent?
Blogs have become a form of intellectual stimulation as well as entertainment.
What is the term for the integration of telephony and data technologies?
Which of the following accurately describes at least one difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 largely relies on the use of crowdsourcing, whereas Web 1.0 does not
Which of the following would be considered a Web 2.0 technology?
What is a podcast?
The use of audio or video digital-media files that are distributed through Web feeds to subscribers
What is spim?
Spam that is delivered through instant messaging
Asking other users to divulge personal information during any Internet-based communication can be considered:
a breach of Internet ethics
An electronic journal or personal diary posted to a public Web site can be considered
a blog.
What is folksonomy?
The practice of categorizing online content through tags
What is the term for an application programming interface (API) that is used to transfer XML and other text data between a Web server and browser?
Which of the following is usually true of popular social networking sites?
They generally provide privacy protection for users
The protocol required for text messaging is:
Companies use call centers to:
interact with their customers.
Which of the following should you use to accept real-time assistance from a remote help desk technician?
Windows Remote Assistance
What is the term for a computer-based method of communication in which users can type and view messages sent to one or more recipients, and view the responses immediately?
Instant messaging (IM)
Typing an e-mail message or instant message using all capital letters can be considered:
a breach of netiquette
What is social networking?
The grouping of individuals with common interests or goals into specific groups or communities
Why should you avoid transmitting sensitive information in an instant messaging session?
Because instant messaging is not a secure method of communication
What is the name for the method by which a blogger receives notification when other bloggers link to his or her blog entry?
What is the term for the concept referring to the changing trends in the use of WWW technology and Web design that have led to the development of information-sharing and collaboration capabilities?
Web 2.0
Semantic Web implementations are Web applications that:
have the ability to contextualize data as they process it
What term describes the ability of a group to exhibit a greater degree of intelligence by solving problems collaboratively instead of relying on the intelligence of an individual member?
Collective intelligence
What is the term that refers to a person’s ability to use technology while “on the go”?
Mobile computing
A Web page that integrates content and scripts from multiple Web sites to create new applications is known as a:
What is the term for the business trend that seeks to simplify and integrate all forms of communication?
Unified communications (UC)
What is the name of the programming methodology for the Web that enables Web applications to interact with users in much the same way they do with desktop applications?