Linux+ Review Set 2

The concept of ____ enables software developers to read other developers’ source code, modify that source code to make the software better, and redistribute that
Open Source Software
The ____ stipulates that the source code of any software published under its license must be freely available.
GNU General Public License
Consider the phrase “collaboration between several developers with a common need speeds up software creation, and when bugs in the software are found by these
users, bug fixes are created very quickly” from the chapter. This statement describes which advantage of the Linux operating system?
Stability and security
HOWTO documents are centrally collected by the
Linux Documentation Project
Which is the greatest expense for companies using Linux?
Hiring people to maintain the Linux system
the source code for Linux was released in
The core component of the GUI in Linux is referred to as
An ______service allows users to post messages in forums
An_______ service provides an efficient method for transferring files over the Internet
Because you need to document so many pieces of hardware and software information, you should create a _____________ that contains all important installation information as well as hardware information.
preinstallation checklist
During Linux installation, you need to configure a minimum of ______accounts
The _____ directory contains system commands and utilities
the shell that is used by default in Linux is the ____ shell
which Linux command gets you out of your current shell
The command that displays the calendar for the current month is
____is the metacharacter for command termination
To find all of the command that have the word “list” in their name or description, you would type________
man -k list
to move from the /home/joe/test/data to the /home/joe directory, use the _________command
cd ../ ..
If you type enough unique letters of a directory and press____ key, the BASH shell will find the intended file or directory being specified and fill in the appropriate information
Most files on a Linux system that contain configuration information are________ files
The __command can be used to provide a long listing for each file in a certain directory.
ls -l
using wildcard meta-characters, how can one indicate a number is either 1, 2, 3, or 4?
to display the contents of a file called data, use the command
cat data
which is an extended regular expression meta-character/
the___ regular expression meta-character matches 0 or more occurrences of the previous character
the _ can be used with LISP artificial intelligence programming language and supports hundreds of keyboard functions like the vi editor
Emacs editor
the ___ editor is functionally analogous to the Windows Wordpad and Notepad editors
In the FHS, the _____directory contains most system commands and utilities
Copying a file can be accomplished using the ________ command
In a file’s mode if a permission is unavailable, a(n) character replaces its position in the mode
to set all of the special permissions on a certain file or directory, you can use the command_where name is the name of the file or directory
chmod 7777 name
the ____device file represents the second serial port on the system (COM2)
if you do not know the type, major, or minor number of a device, you can use the _command to recreate teh device bsaed on the common name
CD-ROMs typically use the ____ filesytem type
Data is read off of hard disks in concentric circles called
you can edit the quotas for certain users by using the _ command
If a Linux installation ends abnormally and the screen displays a “fatal signal_” error message, it indicates an error know as a segmentation fault
___ installation log files is/are created by the Fedora installation program
the file descriptor stderr is represented by the number
You can redirect a file to the standard input of command using the ______metacharaccter
the _command counts the number of lines, words, and characters in a file
The __command can be used to extract, manipulate and format ext using pattern-action statments
Most configuration files on Linux systems are delimited using ___characters
to see a list of the environment variables an their current values on a system, you can use the __ command
the ___ environment file is always executed immediately after login for all user s on the system, and sets most environment variables, such as HOME and PATh
If you have __permission to a shell script, you can execute the shell script like any other executable program on the system
read and execute
The _______ escape sequence represents a form feed
after the entries in /etc/inittab have been execute,d the _ file is executed to perform tasks that must occur after system startum
_____________ is a freely available version of X Windows used in many Linux distros
If your system uses the implementation of X Windows, the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and video adapter card information is stored in the _ file in text format