Marketing ch 13-14

Supply chain management is completely customer driven.
The demand management process seeks to align supply and demand throughout the supply chain by anticipating customer requirements at each level of creating demand-related plans of action prior to actual customer purchasing behavior.
Smart RFID employees radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer and read product data via an electronic Tag
Experiments with three-dimensional printing have not been successful in industries such as auto parts.
The connected chain of all of the companies involved in all of the upstream and downstream flows of products, services, finances, and information, from initial suppliers (the point of origin) to the ultimate customer (the point of consumption) is known as the:
Supply chain
Highly integrated supply chains (those that are successful in achieving many or all of these types of integration) have been shown to be better at
all of the above
Which business process is based on the activities involved in customer data collection, forecasting of future demand, synchronization of supply and demand by comparing production capacity to forecasts, and the development of activities to “smooth out” demand?
Demand Management
Papa John’s pizza chain uses UPS trucks to carry supplies to its franchises. Papa John’s does not own the trucks but has contracted with UPS to have all of the trucks it uses in its deliveries to Papa John’s establishments painted with the Papa John’s logo and company colors. Papa John’s is using:
The mode of transportation that provides the most accessibility is
Truck Freight
When Rick purchased tickets to a concert on the Internet, it was an example of:
Electronic Distribution
The direct channel is used more often in consumer markets than in business and industrial markets.
Supercenters are more than just larger versions of traditional “markets.” In addition to foodstuffs, supercenters
have pharmacies, dry cleaners, portrait studies, photo finishing, hair salons, and restaurants.
Specialty discount stores differ from other discount stores. While most other discounters offer a predictable assortment of merchandise, the styles and brands offered at specialty discount stores change frequently and cost 25 percent or more below traditional department store prices.
M-commerce is a type of managed commerce in which both buyer and seller end the transaction with a win-win
__________Are intermediaries who facilitate the sale of a product from producer to end user by representing retailers, wholesalers, or manufacturers
o Facilitate sales and generally have little input into the terms of the sale
Agents and Brokers
Selfridges is the second-largest department store in Great Britain. It works with House of Frasier, one of its competitors, to reduce operating costs by sharing channels of distribution to ship goods from 1,500 plus suppliers. Selfridges and House of Frasier are engaged in:
a strategic channel alliance
In________channel relationships, both parties retain their independence and pursue only their own interests while attempting to benefit from the goods and services provided by the other.
Arm’s Length
A Target store is an example of:
A retailer
Which type of retail store specializes in a given type of merchandise?
A specialty store
______is a type of shopping available to consumers with access to the internet.
Online retailing
One of the new developments in retailing is m-commerce. The m- in commerce stands for: