Mass Comm 3

The Iran government was thwarted in its attempt to stifle news coverage of the bloody protests after the 2009 elections when everyday citizens used new technology to tell the world what was happening. It became known as the
Twitter Revolution
The Internet emerged as a major mass medium when?
What was the first Internet browser called?
Which company is the leader in search engines?
What percentage of U.S. residents used the Internet in 2008?
Internet companies operating in China have become embroiled in what controversial subject?
What was the name given to the economic collapse of most investments in Internet commerce in 2000?
Dot-com bust
Texting on cellular networks generally limits messages to
140 characters
After the several mass murders on college campuses in 2008, many universities instituted what?
System alerts over text messages
A journal-like web site with continuing narrative, generally personal, is called a(n) what?
a blog
Russ Kirk, an Arizona blogger, drew 4 million hits a day after posting what?
Photographs of caskets of fallen soldiers
When Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg posted pictures of sorority members on his web site and asked people to vote for the “hotter” one, it marked the beginning of what?
Passed links are what?
Twitter links to additional materials, like supporting data on the internet
How many videos are viewed daily on YouTube?
100 million
During the early development of the Internet, what did its creators envision for the future?
keeping it commercial free began by selling what items?
Online gamers are attractive to advertisers because why?
Fastest growing among media sectors
Will Wright is best known for what games?
SimCity series
The godfather of microprocessing, Gordon Moore, is famous for predicting what?
The capacity of computers to move data would double every 18 months
What is the name of the project to put online all books ever produced?
Google Print Library
21) ____________ defied authorities in New York and founded a newspaper that was in competition with the Crown-sponsored newspaper. This paper antagonized the governor, and the publisher was ultimately arrested, though later he was freed.
John Peter Zenger
Which is an ongoing journalism tradition from the Colonial Period?
Independence from government censorship and control, trying to mold government policy and mobilize public sentiment, committed to seeking truth
The Partisan Period in U.S. history is also known as the what?
Federalist Period
What did the Alien and Sedition acts prohibit?
False, scandalous, malicious statements about government
The telegraph was invented by who?
Samuel Morse
The inverted pyramid was popular with editors because it by what?
Told most important information first
During what period did journalists start using the inverted pyramid writing style?
After the civil war
The first newsroom was organized by
James Gordon Bennett
Some historians argue that yellow journalism may have helped to precipitate which war?
Spanish-American War
What factors are used in determining newsworthiness of a story?
Proximity to audience, prominence of people involved, timeliness, impact on society, gee-whiz factor
What event develop the concept of journalistic objectivity in news?
That’s how other newspapers were starting with the penny press
What reflects the values that sociologist Herbert Gans discovered in his study?
Ethnocentrism, democracy and capitalism, small town pastoralism, individualism tempered by moderation, social order
The news media role to monitor the performance of government and other institutions is called the what?
Watchdog function
How can similar news coverage between competitors be explained?
Consensible nature of news
The rise of cyber news has resulted in what?
Aggregation sites, distributive journalism
Shield laws protect what or who?
Protects reader from flawed news
Enterprise reporting that reveals new, often startling, information that official sources would often rather not have revealed is called what?
Investigative reporting
Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein are best known for their reporting on a presidential scandal that became known as what?
James Gordon Bennett did what?
Pioneered systematic news coverage
Seeing things on the basis of personal experience and values is known as what?
The amount of available time or space, also known as the ___________, tends to be much more consistent in broadcasting than in newspapers or magazines.
News hole
A story that may make the evening news one day but not another could be the victim of what?
News flow
Web sites that regurgitate news compiled from other sources or that offer pass-through links to other sources are called what?
Aggregation sites
The difference between traditional news organizations and the plethora of blogs and other web sites that provide news and information is what?
Blogs don’t need to be truth
Blogger Josh Wolf was jailed for 226 days for doing what?
Refusing to divulge information he got from sources that trusted him
What was the reaction to the 1835 publication in the New York Sun carrying a story about bird-like creatures spotted on the moon through a telescope?
People got mad and Richard Locke quit because of it
The first code of ethics for journalism was created by the American Society of Newspaper Editors in what decade?
The inverted pyramid was popular with readers because why?
Allowed them to learn what is most important at a glance
What was a central issue initially debated in The Federalist Papers?
diverse views on the form the new nation should take
When did entertainment evolve as part of human culture?
Goes back to paintings on cave walls
The core categories of media entertainment remain
storytelling and music
What is the primary difference separating an authentic performance from a mediated performance?
Authentic – live performance with on site audience
Mediated – modified and adjusted for delivery by a mass media to an audience
Rhythm and blues emerged from early black music during when?
1930s and 40s
Hillbilly music had its origins in the what?
Appalachian and Southern white places
Early rock ‘n’ rollers sang
Rockabilly/ simple melodies
Sports as a popular media content can be traced to what?
New York Herald 1830s
In 1921, Pittsburgh radio station KDKA was the first to carry what type of programming?
Play by play
Who created Sports Illustrated?
Henry Luce
What was Les Brown describing when he said, “At once topical and entertaining, performed live and suspensefully without a script, peopled with heroes and villains, full of action and human interest and laced with pageantry and ritual”?
Sports are perfect programming for tv
Which sports event attracts the largest worldwide television audience?
World cup
How big is the U.S. sex industry?
Gets about $8-10 billion a year
What is the difference between obscene material and pornographic material?
Obscene material can be banned and pornographic material cannot
What does the Miller Standard define?
says what sexually explicit material is protected by first amendment
What is NOT protected by the First Amendment?
violate state laws
What was the upshot of the Pacifica case?
Won’t air indecency during hours that children are likely to be listening
This new media form is attractive as an advertising vehicle.
According to the description in your book, the television show Dancing with the Stars would be classified as an example of what?
Copycat content
The Taliban has driven a once robust movie industry underground in what country?
Susan Sontag wrote “On Culture and the New Sensibility” that what?
Pop art became more popular
A lowbrow audience would most likely read what?
National Enquirer
What word became popular during the 1960s by those influenced by Susan Sontag to describe a perversely sophisticated appeal in pop art?
What is pulp fiction?
Quick and inexpensively produced easy to read short novels
In response to criticism about violence in games, the gaming industry has done what?
Censored games
Letitia Webster’s role with North Face, which sells sports gear and garb, is as a what?
Public Relations
Public relations can be defined as a tool to do what?
Management tool to establish beneficial relationships
The “public” in public relations refers to what?
The different relationships a company has
During the 1800s, social Darwinism was used to justify abuses by what entitiy?
Used by industry leaders against union workers
One problem railroads faced during the late 1800s that was corrected by solid public relations was what?
Strikes because of bad working conditions and pay
Ivy Lee encouraged clients to deal with negative publicity by doing what?
Give the press all of the information and make everything public
After a massacre at a Colorado mining camp, this PR professional helped John D. Rockefeller improve his image.
Ivy Lee
Who made puffery promotion a high art?
P.T. Barnum
The potential for public relations on a massive scale was demonstrated first by who?
George Creel
Working for AT&T in 1927, Arthur Page established the role of public relations as a what?
As a management function
The functional areas of responsibility for a public relations department are what?
External Public Relations, Internal Public Relations, Media Relations
Public relations agencies provide a wide range of services built on two cornerstones of the business, which are what?
Publicity and promotion
Public relations people in government relations are called what?
Political communications
Crisis management includes what?
Helping a client through an emergency
A key difference between PR and advertising is that PR does what?
creates policy
A corporation’s coordination of advertising and PR efforts is referred to as what?
Integrated marketing communication
The relationship between public relations and the media should be characterized how?
Open and candid
The component of public relations that deals with the press and other media is known as what?
Media relations
Advertorials are designed to do what?
taking an editorial position, that appears in paid space or time a term contrived from advertisement and editorial. word heavy, point by point rebuttals
How does an information boycott differ from the adversarial approach to public relations?
info boycott is a policy that ignores news coverage and reporter queries
Dialogic theory in public relations is what?
dialogue-based approach to negotiation relationships
Another term used in public relations to describe covering up of abuses is what?
99) An Internet-based news release with links to related material and interactive opportunities for news reporters is called a what?
Social media news release
Who devised the term engineering of consent to describe public relations?
Edward Bernays