Mass Comm Ch 09: The Internet

Web pages are typically coded in iOS markup language
It is fair to say that the Web continues to converge with and compete with conventional media
Who are the leaders in the PC market
Dell and Hewlett-packard
___ Are cross between personal web page, personal diary, and online directory, and a newspaper editorial page
Social media are online tools used to communicate with others
About 25 protocols define the internet
Tracking tools such as cookies and web bugs benefit the development of ___ but pose threats to _____
e-commerce … privacy
user-manipulated characters in MUDs are called
What is the most common activity on the Internet
checking e-mail
To make the internet safer, people should use all of the following except
A phishing program
___ is the basic protocol of the Internet
According to the textbook, which country uses standard firewalls and proxy servers to block access to thousands of foreign websites?
Jeff Bezos designed the first graphical web browser
Moores Law states that computers double in processing capacity and speed about every 6 months
According to the textbook, the digital divide demonstrates that all of the following except ____ have been slower to adopt the internet due to soco economic factors
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Internet
Content on the web is not protected by copyright
All of the following are characteristics of the internet EXCEPT
All information on the internet is free
What was the name of the network development by the military that led to the internet
web pages are typically coded in hypertext markup language
Which law requires libraries and schools to filter out inappropriate content on their computers
The Children’s Internet Protection Act
According to the textbook, the digital divide MOST LIKELY refers to the difference in
access to computer technologies between the rich and the poor
phishing is associated with identify theft schemes
according to the textbook, a ____ is a small file that websites place on a visitors hard drive
According to the textbook, ___ develop web pages, and ____ offer access to the internet
content providers….ISPs
Internet2 is synonymous with Web 2.0
According to metcalfes law, the value of the internet decreases rapidly with the number of users
Moore’s law states that computers double in processing capacity and speed about every 18 months
The computer programs that display information found on the web
used when a message is written in a secret code
Hypertext Markup language
used to format pages on the web
Hypertext transfer protocol
The internet protocol used to transfer files over the web
The legal right to control Intellectual Property
Internet Service Providers
provide connections to the Internet
Online purchasing and financial transactions on the Web
Net Neutrality
Users are not discriminated against due to amount/nature of data they transfer
Web pages that users launch when they first log on to the web
A new, faster version of the Internet
Social media
media whose content is created and distributed through social interactions
Web 2.0
A new way of using the internet for collaboration and sharing of data among individual users
Gives an intentor the exclusive right to make, use, or sell and invention for 20 years
technical rules governing data communication
Wide Area Networks
Connect computers that are miles apart
unsolicited commercial e-mailing
Uniform resource locators
the addresses of web pages
The basic prtocol used by the internet
Convert digital data to analog signals and vice versa