mass media test 5

T or F: The internet was designed so that a centralized authority could control electronic communication during a nuclear disaster
T or F: The total number of Americans who pay for a cable subscription is on a downward trend
T or F: Newspapers are obligated to give the right to reply like broadcast stations
Which of the following did Professor Michelle Hassler say was the first medium to have native support as well as the first to enable audience to be producers and consumers
social media
Which development was the consequence of the quiz-show scandals?
The patent pool was declared a monopoly and dismantled americans
T or F: The web is a particularly medium in which anyone can be involved
Who was the creator of the world wide web?
Tim-berners Lee
T or F: Open source software has code that can be updated by anyone interested in modifying it
What % of your total number of Facebook friends does one typically see posts from?
What does HTML stand for
HyperText Markup Language
T or F: Must-carry rules require cable operators to assign channels to and carry all local TV broadcasts on their systems
The internet moved into the mass medium phase of development with the invention of
Web browsers
What was the original motivation for developing the internet?
Military research
Who is Ray Tomlinson?
Developed the model for how the email works
What is the main difference between Linux software and Microsoft software?
Linux is open software
T or F: Public television was created by Congress to serve viewers whose needs were ignored by commercial tv
the development of satellites in the 1970s allowed cable to
data mining
T or F: Facebooks total number of users outnumbers the populations of India or China
T or F: Most web sites follow an “opt-in” data policy when collecting information from online consumers
Which of the following definitions most accurately describes an algorithm?
A set of rules or steps to follow in order to solve a problem
T or F: ARPAnet is a browser
Emily Bell from the Columbia School of Journalism said, “Our news ecosystem has changed more dramatically in the past five years than perhaps at any time in the past five hundred.” What are the implications of this, according to Professor Hassler’s lecture?
B and C
The FCC began assigning TV station licenses in the 1940s
To avoid signal interference among stations
According to the text, which of the following technological advancements have aided the internets role in media convergence?
What has become an increasingly common and concerning issue this year with the distribution of news on social media?
Fake news
T or F: Companies like Apple and Amazon have established new media economics, whereby they provide a market for content in exchange for a cut of the revenue
Which of the following about the digital divide is true?
How is the internet best described?
Distributed network?
User- created content on the Web includes which of the following phenomena?
Both Wiki and Blogs
T of F: “Cookies are files that allow a Web site owner to chart the computer user’s movements within the Web site and collect other information about the user.
T or F: people read more on their phones and tablets than they read both mags and newspapers combined
The first TV picture tube, which converted light rays into electric signals was called?
The iconoscope
Aol was the first example of a “walled garden” on the internet. What internet companies possess qualities of a walled garden now?
T or F: The main achievement of Web 2.0 is social networking
T or F: DVR technology allows advertisers to get more specific information about what viewers watch
T or F: Most TV shows live or die by advertising
T or F: On Facebook, the organic reach of brands used to be around 2.227 percent in 2012, but now is at a much higher 16 percent
T or F: A share gauges the percent of homes tuned to a program with those actually using their sets at the time of the sample
Who is the inventor of the first electronic television?
Philo T. Farnsworth
T or F: As a result of the number of cable offerings, the four major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox) no longer attract a majority of the viewing audience, as ABC, CBS, and NBC did in the 1960s and 1970s.
T or F: The US military created ARPAnet,the precursor to the internet
T or F: The FCC has regulatory control over the internet
Who created the first web browser while a graduate student at the University of Illinois?
Marc Andressen
T or F: The Linux operating system was developed by Microsoft in an attempt to deter an antitrust suit by the US gov.
Which launched the mass adoption of the internet?
What was the significance of the Midwest Video case form 1979?
Gave cable operators more control over content by declaring cable a form of electronic publishing
T or F: Wikis are informative Web sites that are strictly controlled by professional editors
Which of the following acts enabled the gov surveillance of online activity?
The Patriot Act
Which of the following statements most accurately describes open-source software?
Developed by independent programmers who openly share their ideas and source codes
T or F: Mosaic was the first user-friendly browser
T or F: The 65 and older age group is the only group to have seen an increase in TV consumption over a five year period
Which year was the first in which people spent more time on their mobile devices than they did on their traditional desktop of laptop computers?
T or F: A Buzzed news analysis found that fall election news stories outperformed real news stories in terms of total engagements on Facebook during the most recent election cycle
T or F: Net neutrality refers to the principle that every website and every user has the right to the same internet network and access
Why was Google able to set itself apart from other search engines?
It developed a unique algorithm based on a page’s popularity
T or F: the worldwide web is a subset of the internet
T or F: The primary use of the Internet in the 1990s was social networking
The FCC’s must carry rules:
Required cable operators to carry local TV broadcasts
T or F: The model of journalism has changed from a one-to-many model to that resembling the distributed network of the internet
Which of the following is not part of Web 2.0?
Siri and Alexa
The practice of recording shows and watching them later
Time shifting
What is the most important ramification of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
It allowed regional phone companies, long distance carriers, and cable operators to enter and compete in one another’s markets
T or F:In the landmark Midwest Video case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the cable industry was a form of electronic publishing with the same First Amendment rights as print and broadcast.
What are the two noteworthy trends concerning media convergence mentioned in class?
Apple and Facebook…Both A and B
T or F:Professor Michelle Hassler defined social media as “Web-based and mobile applications that allow people and organizations to create, engage and share user-generated or existing content in digital environments through multi-way communication.”
The development of cable and satellite TV has helped fragment the audience
T or F:Recent court decisions have upheld Congress’s authority to restrict children’s access to pornographic Web sites.
One form of media convergence is
The use of digital technology to access different forms of traditional media
T or F: the internet was created by private enterprise but it has been taken over and expanded by the federal government
Which of the following statements about mobile usage in the US is not true
The age group that uses mobile devices the most is the 65-plus age group