Mass Prince Unit 4

The internet moved into the mass medium phase of development with the invention of….
Web Browers
Developed by ________________________ in 1958 during Cold War struggles with Russia
U.S. Defense Department
Called ______________ enabled military and academic researches to communicate on a distributed network system
ARPAnet or “the Net”
E-mail was developed by
Ray Tomlinson
Posted information on particular topics like health, technology, or employment services
Bulletin boards
Enabled the development of first personal computers
Enabled rapid data transmission
Fiber-optic cable
________ allows commercial activity on network in 1991
National Science Foundation
ARPAnet ends in ______
Tim Berners-Lee created the….
World Wide Web
Allowed computers using different operating systems to communicate
HypterText Markup Language
Web-based and mobile applications that allow people and organizations to create, engage and share user-generated or existing content in digital environments through multi-way communication.
Social Media
Facebook is the most valuable _________ on Earth
_____ of Americans report that they get at least some of their news on social media
Paul Nipkow develops the “scanning disk” in the…
Farnsworth transmits electronic TV picture in the…
FCC adopts analog standards for U.S. TV sets in the…
1930s and 1940s
Television became a mass medium in the…
Quiz shows off network prime time for ____ years
CATV, or community antenna television (__________) served only 10% of the country
CNN begins with 24/7 news in the….
Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 creates…
___________________ banned networks from running own syndication companies
Fin-syn Rules
___________________________ eliminates ownership restrictions and regulatory barriers
Telecommunications Act of 1996