Mid2 Chap5 M82

You want to use CCTV to increase the physical security of your building. Which of the ff. camera types would offer the sharpest image at the greatest distance under the lowest lighting conditions?
500 resolution, 50mm, .05 LUX
Which of the ff. CCTV camera types lets you adjust the distance that the camera can see (i.e. zoom in or out)?
You want to use CCTV to increase your physical security. You want to be able to remotely control the camera position. Which camera type should you choose?
You want to use CCTV as a preventative security measure. Which of the ff. is a requirement for your plan?
Security Guards
Which of the ff. CCTV types would you use in areas with little or no light?
What is the primary benefit of CCTV?
Expands the area visible by security guards
Which of the ff. allows for easy exit of an area in the event of an emergency, but prevents entry? (Select two.)
Double-entry door, Turnstile
On your way into the back entrance of the building at work one morning, a man dressed as a plumber asks you to let him in so he can “fix the restroom.” What should you do?
Direct him to the front entrance and instruct him to check in with the receptionist.
Which of the ff. are solutions that address physical security? (Select two.)
Require identification and name badges for all employees, Escort visitors at all times.
What is a secure doorway that can be used in coordination with a mantrap to allow easy egress from a secured environment but which actively prevents re-entrance thorough the exit portal?
Which of the ff. can be used to stop piggybacking that has been occurring at a front entrance where employees should swipe their smart cards to gain entry?
Deploy a mantrap
Which of the ff. is “not” an example of a physical barrier access control mechanism?
One time passwords
Which of the ff. controls is an example of a physical access control method?
Locks on doors
You have 5 salesmen who work out of your office and who frequently leave their laptops laying on their desk in their cubicles. You are concerned that someone might walk by and take one of these laptops. Which of the ff. is the best protection to implement to address your concerns?
Use cable locks to chain the laptops to the desks.
Which of the ff. is the most important thing to do to prevent console access to the router?
Keep the router in a locked room.
Which of the ff. statements about ESD in “not correct”?
ESD is much more likely to occur when the relative humidity is above 50%.
Components within your server room are failing at a rapid pace. You discover that the humidity in the server room is at 60% and the temperature is at 80 degrees. What should you do to help reduce problems?
Add a separate A/C unit in the server room
Which of the ff. fire extinguisher types is best used for electrical fires that might result when working with computer components?
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Besides protecting a computer from under voltages, a typical UPS also perform which two actions:
Conditions the power signal, Protects from over voltages
You maintain the network for an industrial manufacturing company. You are concerned about the dust in the area getting into server components and affecting the availability of the network. Which of the ff. should you implement?
Positive pressure system
Which of the ff. is the “least” effective power loss protection from computer system?
Surge protector
Users are complaining that sometimes network communications are slow. You use a protocol analyzer and find that packets are being corrupted as they pass through a switch. You notice that this only seems to happen when the elevator is running. What should you do?
Install shielded cables near the elevator
Which of the ff. fire extinguisher types is best used for electrical fires that might result when working with computer components?
Class C
You walk by the server room and notice a fire has started. What should you do first?
Make sure everyone has cleared the area
Which of the ff. fire extinguisher types poses a safety risk to users in the area? (Select two.)
CO2, Halon
What is the recommended humidity level for server rooms?
Which of the ff. mobile device security consideration will disable the ability to use the device after a short period of inactivity?
Screen lock
Which of the ff. are “not” reasons to remote wipe a mobile device?
When the device is inactive for a period of time.
A smart phone was lost at the airport. There is no way to recover the device. Which of the ff. will ensure data confidentiality on the device?
Remote wipe
Which Internet connectivity method sends voice phone calls using the TCP/IP protocol over digital data lines?
The presence of unapproved modes on desktop system gives rise to the LAN being vulnerable to which of the ff.?
War dialing
Which of the ff. phone attacks adds unauthorized charges to a telephone bill?
A customer just received a phone bill on which there are charges for unauthorized services. This customer is a victim to which type of attack?