MIS 301 Quiz 7

Visiting the Web site of a car manufacturer (e.g., www.gm.com), entering the specifications for the car you want, and then picking up your car at your local dealership is an example of partial electronic commerce.
eBay is a good example of business-to-consumer electronic commerce.
Forward auctions are auctions that sellers use as a channel to many potential buyers.
An electronic storefront is a Web site on the Internet that represents a single store.
You can make a purchase in a referral mall.
Selling products such as books and computers on the Internet may reduce vendors selling costs by 20 to 40 percent, with further reductions being difficult because the products must be delivered physically.
Channel conflict occurs when click-and-mortar companies have problems with their regular distributors when they sell directly to customers online.
Internet advertising is impersonal, one-way mass communication.
Banners are the most common form of advertisement on the Internet.
Business-to-consumer applications comprise the majority of electronic commerce volume.
The key mechanisms in the sell-side marketplace are customized electronic catalogs and reverse auctions.
The buy-side marketplace is similar to the business-to-consumer model.
Horizontal exchanges connect buyers and sellers across many industries.
Smart cards can be used as credit cards, debit cards, and/or loyalty cards.
Each buyer needs only one e-wallet for all merchants.
E-commerce affects only businesses that sell products online.
Refer to IT’s About Business 7.1: Minecraft s founder Markus Persson had to do a great deal of marketing to promote his product.
Which of the following is not an effect that E-commerce has had on organizations?
E-commerce enables smaller businesses to operate in areas dominated by larger companies.
E-commerce increases the number of potential customers to whom the company can market its products.
E-commerce is a costly medium for increasing market share.
E-commerce removes many barriers for start-up businesses.
E-commerce makes it easy to reach customers around the world.
E-commerce is a costly medium for increasing market share.
_____, which is a broader concept than _____, is the buying and selling of goods and services, as well as servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and performing transactions within an organization.
Electronic business, electronic commerce
In _______ e-commerce, the sellers and buyers are organizations.
In ________ e-commerce, an organization provides information and services to its workers.
Direct payment of Social Security benefits is an example of ______ e-commerce.
In _____ auctions, there is one buyer who wants to buy a product. Suppliers submit bids, and the lowest bid wins.
eBay uses a _____ auction.
_____ auctions are the most common auction model for large purchases.
A vendor asks its business partners to place logos or banners on their Web sites. If customers click on a logo, visit the vendor s site, and make a purchase, then the vendor pays a commission to the partner. This scenario illustrates which business model?
Affiliate marketing
Which type of electronic commerce is the largest by volume?
Which type of electronic commerce does Amazon practice?
________ is the process whereby a fully automated electronic commerce transaction eliminates middlemen.
Which of the following is a problem that e-commerce can cause for the airline industry?
Mistakes in fares
Internet advertising improves on traditional advertising in all of the following ways except:
Internet ads can be updated at any time at minimal cost.
Internet ads can reach large numbers of potential buyers all over the world.
Internet ads are always more effective than other types of advertising.
Internet ads can make effective use of multimedia.
Internet ads are current.
Internet ads are always more effective than other types of advertising.
A _____ is automatically launched by some trigger and appears behind the active window.
pop-under ad
_____ offer(s) consumers incentives to accept advertising and e-mail voluntarily.
Permission marketing
_____ refers to online word-of-mouth marketing.
Viral marketing
The key mechanisms of the _____ marketplace model are forward auctions and electronic catalogs that can be customized for each large buyer.
In the _____ marketplace model, EC technology is used to streamline the purchasing process in order to reduce the cost of items purchased, the administrative cost of procurement, and the purchasing cycle time.
In the _____ B2B application, the orders of many buyers are aggregated so that they comprise a large volume, in order to merit more seller attention.
Group purchasing
In _____, direct and indirect materials in one industry are purchased on an as-needed basis.
Vertical exchanges
_____ connect buyers and sellers across many industries and are used mainly for indirect materials.
Horizontal exchanges
All of the following are limitations of traditional payment methods in electronic commerce except:
Cash cannot be used because there is no face-to-face contact.
Paying for goods and services via the mail takes more time.
Not all organizations accept credit cards.
It is more secure for the buyer to use the telephone than to complete a secure transaction on a computer.
None of these
It is more secure for the buyer to use the telephone than to complete a secure transaction on a computer.
_____ are a payment mechanism that are similar to regular bank checks but are transmitted electronically, with a signature in digital form.
Electronic checks
_____ use credit card numbers, transmitted electronically over the Internet, to pay for goods and services. They are either unencrypted or encrypted, with coded data readable by an intermediary between the buyer’s and seller’s banks.
Electronic credit cards
_____ contain a chip that can store information and be used for several purposes.
Smart cards
_____ refers to the practice of registering or using domain names for the purpose of profiting from the goodwill or trademark belonging to someone else.
You decide to start a landscaping business called Trim Grass. One of your services will be to perform fertilizer treatments. You will need to buy a great deal of fertilizer for your many clients. You can use all of the following methods to purchase the fertilizer except:
Forward auction
Reverse auction
Name your Own Price
Electronic Marketplace
You decide to start a landscaping business called Trim Grass. Some of your residential clients would like to pay their bills online. Which of the following methods will not be appropriate for this type of payment?Electronic checks
Electronic credit cards
Purchasing cards
Person-to-person payments
Stored value money cards
Purchasing cards