MIS 412–Chapter 3

During which period of time did the Institutionalization phase of Internet development take place?
Which of the following occurred during the Commercialization phase of Internet development?
NSF privatized the operation of the Internet’s backbone
During which phase of the development of the Internet was Ethernet invented?
Innovation phase
Which of the following is not one of the basic technological foundations of the Internet?
The process of slicing digital messages into parcels, sending them along different communication paths as they become available, and reassembling them at the destination point is called:
packet switching
Which of the following is the core communications protocol for the Internet?
The Transport Layer of TCP/IP is responsible for which of the following?
providing communication with the application by acknowledging and sequencing the packets to and from the application
The Internet Layer of TCP/IP is responsible for which of the following?
addressing, packaging, and routing messages
Which of the following allows users to communicate visually and aurally in real-time, and uses high-resolution monitors to simulate the presence of participants?
An IPv4 address is expressed as a:
32-bit number that appears as a series of four separate numbers separated by periods
The natural language convention used to represent IP addresses is called the:
domain name system
The addresses used by browsers to identify the location of content on the Web are called:
uniform resource locators
Which of the following statements about client/server computing is true?
It connects multiple powerful personal computers together in one network with one or more servers dedicated to common functions that they all need
Which of the following is not an advantage of a client/server computing over centralized mainframe computing?
Each client added to the network increases the networks overall capacity and transmission speeds
______ is a model of computing in which firms and individuals obtain computing power and software applications over the Internet, rather than purchasing and installing it on their own computers.
Cloud computing
Which of the following protocols is used to send mail to a server?
Where does TSL operate within TCP/IP?
between the Transport Layer and the Application Layer
A(n) _____ is an audio presentation stored as an audio file and posted to the Web for users to download.
_____ is one of the original Internet services and is used to transfer files from a server computer to a client computer and vice versa.
____ is a utility program that allows you to check the connection between your client and a TCP/IP network.
Which layer of Internet architecture is composed of the telecommunications networks and protocols?
Network Technology Substrate layer
TCP/IP operates in which layer of Internet architecture?
Transport Services and Representation Standards layer
An Internet-enabled media player would run in which layer of Internet architecture?
Applications layer
The layer of Internet architecture that ties the applications to the communications network and includes such services as security and authentication is called the:
Middleware Services layer
The backbone of the Internet is formed by:
Network Service Providers (NSPs)
When talking about the physical elements of the Internet, the term redundancy refers to :
multiple duplicate devices and paths in a network built so that data can be rerouted if a breakdown occurs
The “hubs” where the backbone owners connect with one another are called:
Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
Local area networks that operate within a single organization that leases access to the Web directly from regional and national carriers are called:
campus area networks
The _____ is a consortium of corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations that monitors Internet policies and practices.
Internet Society (ISOC)
The _____ helps define the overall structure of the Internet.
Which of the following is not a limitation of the current Internet?
the difficulty in expanding capacity by adding servers and clients
Which of the following is not true about the mobile platform?
Most smartphones use Intel chips
Which of the following statements about fiber-optic cable is not true?
It consists of twelve or sixteen strands of glass
In the United States, there are two main types of cellular networks, CDMA and
Which of the following is the “killer app” of 2012?
social networks
The major technologies used with wireless local area networks are:
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Which of the following is a high-speed, medium-range, broadband wireless metropolitan area networks?
Siri is a type of:
intelligent personal assisstant
The first Web browser to make it possible to view documents on the Web with colored background, images, and animations was:
In the address http://www.company.com/clients.html, which of the following is the top-level domain?
You could expect to find all of the following services in a Web server software package except:
an RSS aggregator
Which of the following is currently the most popular Web browser?
Internet Explorer
The concept behind document formatting had its roots in which of the following?
Which of the following is a Web application that enables Internet users to communicate with each other, although not in real time?
online forum
Which of the following is a Web 2.0 service or application?
A(n) ____ is a Web application that allows users to easily add and edit content on a Web page.
The protocol that enables the transmission of voice and other forms of audio communication over the Internet is called:
Which of the following was the largest source of mobile commerce revenue in 2012?
mobile retail purchases
All of the following are true about iPhone apps except:
They are typically written in Java programming language