Mis Ch 10,11,12

Which of the following can be avoided if a computer or mobile device has a motherboard that integrates networking capability?
wireless access point
Which of the following is a central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network?
An extranet essentially is a small version of the Internet that exists within an organization. T or F?
Your smartphone, digital camera, and printer are all part of a network in your workspace. What type of network is likely in use?
Which of the following is the least likely technology PANs would use?
One advantage of Bluetooth is its high bandwidth. T or F?
Most of today’s computer networks use coaxial cable. T or F?
One of the more widely used transmission media for network cabling and landline phone systems is twisted-pair cable. T or F?
What is the term used to connect a device to a network that has an IP address?
The fifth generation of cellular transmissions is expected to provide artificial intelligence capabilities on wearable devices. T or F?
Which of the following offers an alternative to infrared communications with high bandwidth transmissions?
Your new smartphone has a port that enables the transfer of data from one device to another using infrared light waves. What kind of port is this?
It is slower and more susceptible to noise.
Which of the following is true of broadcast radio with regard to physical transmission media?
Which group developed the WiMAX standard?
Consumers can purchase blank NFC tags at a reasonable cost and easily program them to perform certain actions. T or F?
The star topology is primarily used for LANs but it is also used in WANs. T or F?
The network operating system is stored on a network server.
Which of the following statements is not true of peer-to-peer networks?
Email, FTP, and VoIP are examples of system software for communications.
Which of the following is not true of communications software?
Which of the following is a LAN that uses no physical wires?
2.56 Tbps
Which of the following is the maximum transfer transmission rate for communications satellites?
Each higher level of data consists of one or more items from the lower level. T or F?
front end
Which of the following is a program with which users interact that generally has a more user-friendly interface than a DBMS?
What is DBMS?
Multiple dimensions allow users to access and analyze any view of the database data. T or F?
A DBMS provides a variety of techniques to restore a database to a usable form in case it is damaged or destroyed. T or F?
A macro is a series of statements that instructs a program or app how to complete a task. T or F?
ASP.NET is a web application framework that provides the tools necessary for the creation of dynamic websites. T or F?
Which of the following is a database that stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns?
Which of the following kinds of values is the one that a DBMS initially displays in a field?
Which of the following kinds of backup are used by organizations such as hospitals, communications companies, and financial institutions?
A checkout clerk with this level of privileges to the email addresses in a discount warehouse database could view the addresses but not change them. What is this level of privileges called?
What involves showing users exactly how they will use the new hardware and software in the system?
If you are running a check to ensure that a required field contains data, or the correct minimum number of characters, what kind of check are you running?
Which of the following languages consists of simple, English-like statements that allow users to specify the data to display, print, or store?
One application that uses multidimensional databases is a data warehouse. T or F?
What is another term for data dictionary?
a field
In a database, what is the smallest unit of data a user accesses?
forward recovery
After a power failure, you instruct the DBMS to use the log to reenter any changes made to the database since the last save or backup. What term is used to describe this backup technique?