MIS Chapter 11 Quiz

A user of a database such as that pictured in the accompanying figure refers to a record as what?
Which of the following is a collection of related records, as shown in the accompanying figure, stored on storage media such as a hard drive or on cloud storage?
One application that uses multidimensional databases is an object-oriented database.
In the database pictured in the accompanying figure, which of the following is a combination of one or more related characters or bytes and is the smallest unit of data a user accesses?
The data in a database environment belongs to and is shared, usually over a network, by an entire organization.
What is another term used for data dictionary?
The data in a database is independent of programs that access that data.
Big Data refers to large-scale data sets that require advanced technologies.
Which of the following is true about the database approach?
Data in a database is less vulnerable than data in file processing systems.
In a file processing system, each department or area in an organization shares files collectively.
Complex DBMSs maintain a listing of activities that modify the contents of a database. What is this listing called?
Which of the following refers to the procedures that keep data current?
file maintenance
Which of the following is a database that stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns?
With the database approach, most data items are stored in multiple files, which greatly reduces duplicate data.
Each higher level of data consists of one or more items from the lower level.
Which of the following is a huge database that stores and manages the data required to analyze historical and current transactions?
data warehouse
Analysts often refer to the three ____’s when describing characteristics of Big Data.
In managing a company’s database, which of the following roles requires a technical inside view of data?
Whereas a relational database can store more than two dimensions, a multidimensional database is a two-dimensional table.
A macro is a series of statements that instructs a program or app how to complete a task.
Which term is used to describe the practice that users’ access privileges are limited to the lowest level necessary to perform required tasks?
principle of least privilege
In a database which of the following is a connection within the data?
What does each byte in the ASCII coding scheme represent?
single character
What is another term for data dictionary?
Which term does a user of a relational database use to refer to a file?
What is the term for a feature that has a graphical user interface to assist users with retrieving data?
A data dictionary contains details about data. What term is used to describe this characteristic?
Check digits are the only type of validity check that is NOT able to validate data accuracy.
Which of the following contains data about each file in the database and each field in those files?
data dictionary
Which of the following refers to the different formats to represent or store data for use by humans and computer applications?
What is a more user-friendly interface some users use instead of interacting directly with a DBMS?
In what kind of recovery does the DBMS use the log to undo any changes made to a database during a certain period?
What is the term for a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data?
a database
Which of the following identifies the quality of data in a database?
data integrity
What type of database are organizations MOST LIKELY to use for payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, and invoicing?
​What is a combination of one or more related characters or bytes and is the smallest unit of data a user accesses?
Key fields link data together in a database.
Data integrity is important because computers and people use information to make decisions and take actions.
You store all of your photographs on a website that uses a database to store the photos users post. What is this type of database called?
collaborative database
What does the S in SQL stand for?
Your database was damaged due to hardware failure. What can you use to restore it?
a backup
A form that sends entered data across a network or the Internet is called which of the following terms?
Some report generators allow you to create a webpage, which can be interactive.
More than 30 years ago, the first macro viruses wreaked havoc with personal computers.
After a power failure, you instruct the DBMS to use the log to reenter any changes made to the database since the last save or backup. What term is used to describe this backup technique?
forward recovery
You create a computer-aided design database that stores data including a list of components of an item being designed, the relationship among the components, and previous versions of the design drafts. Which data model did you use?
SQL stands for which of the following?
Structured Query Language
Metadata describes the widespread growth of data, the variety of formats in which this data is available, and the processing required to make this data accessible in a timely manner.
What is a feature that has a graphical user interface to assist users with retrieving data?
Which of the following statements best describes a form?
a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or modifying data in a database
Which of the following statements is NOT true about multidimensional databases?
Most multidimensional databases use a standard query language.
What company did Larry Ellison help found?
Which of the following is NOT considered a part of file maintenance?
the creation of a new database
What is the process of comparing data with a set of rules or values to determine if the data meets certain criteria?
Which of the following does a back end interact with?
A file is a group of related fields.
A compiler is a separate program that converts the entire source program into machine language before executing it.
What type of database exists in many separate locations throughout a network or the Internet?
Which of the following privileges for data involve establishing who can enter new data, change existing data, delete unwanted data, and view data?
If you are running a check that applies a formula to the primary key, what kind of check are you running?
check digit
Many database programs perform which of the following in order to analyze entered data to help ensure that it is correct?
validity check