MIS Chapter 4: Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence

Phases of Decision Making
1.) Intelligence – find or recognize problem
2.) Design – consider possible ways of solving
3.) Choice – weigh merits of each solution
4.) Implementation – carry out solution
Structured Decision
processing certain info in a specified way to get the right answer for sure
may be several right answers w/o sure way of getting THE right answer
Recurring Decision
decision that happens repeatedly
Nonreccuring (ad hoc) Decision
decision that happens infrequently
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
– highly flexible and interactive system designed to support non-structured decision making problems
– helps analyze BUT you must know how to solve based on the results of analysisEXAMPLE = Excel

DDS Components

Model Management

consists of both DSS and MMS

DDS Components

Data Management Component

stores and maintains info that you want your DDS to use

DDS Components

User Interface Management Component

allows you to communicate with DSS
Geographic Info Systems (GIS)
– DSS designed to analyze spatial info or anything in map form

Artificial Intelligence

Expert Systems

-knowledge based
– applies reasoning capabilities to reach conclusion
– diagnostic and prescriptive problemsCAN:
– reduce errors
– improve customer service
– reduce cost

– use common sense
-automate all processes


Neural Networks

– “ANN”
– capable of finding and differentiating patternsCAN:
– learn and adjust
– do massive parallel processing
– function w/o complete info
– cope w/ large volumes
– analyze nonlinear relationships


Genetic Algorithms

Mimics evolutionary survival of the fittest processes to generate increasingly better solutions


Intelligent Agents

software that assists or acts on your behalf, as in performing repetitive computer related tasks

-buying agent/shopper bot = helps customer find product or service they want
– user /personal agent = takes action on your behalf (EX: CPU gaming partner)
– Monitoring/Surveillance Agent = IA that observes and reports on equipment
– Data Mining Agent