MIS Chapter 7

What spans a large geographic area such as a state, province, or country?
What measures network performance?
What is a device that enables a computer to transmit and receive data?
What is network convergence?
The efficient coexistence of telephone, video, and data communication within a single network, offering convenience and flexibility not possible with separate infrastructures
Which of the following is a challenge associated with a connected world?
Political, social, ethical issues
What is a restricted network that relies on Internet technologies to provide an Internet-like environment within the company for information sharing, communications, collaboration, Web publishing, and the support of business processes?
A _______ service provider is a private company that owns and maintains the worldwide backbone that supports the Internet.
______ is a method of sending audio and video files over the Internet in such a way that the user can view the file while it is being transferred.
A_________ is a space station that orbits the Earth receiving and transmitting signals from Earth-based stations over a wide area.
A______ positioning system is a satellite-based navigation system providing extremely accurate position, time, and speed information.
Local Area Network
Connects a group of computers in close proximity
National Service Providers
Private companies that own and maintain worldwide backbone that supports the internet
Network Access Points
Traffic exchange points in the routing hierarchy of the internet that connects NSPs
Regional Service Providers
Offer internet service by connecting to NSPs but also can connect directly to each other
Max amount of data that can pass from one point to another in a unit of time
High speed internet connection that is always connected
Standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission
Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
provides the technical foundation for the public internet as well as for large number of private networks
Domain Name system
Converts IP addresses into domains
Network convergence
the efficient coexistence of telephone, video and data communication within a single network
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Uses IP technology to transmit telephone calls
Internet protocol TV (IPTV)
distributes digital video content using IP accross the internet and private IP networks
Benefits of a connected world
a. Sharing resources
b. providing opportunities
c. reducing travel
SSL Certificate
an electronic doc that confirms the id of a website
Secure hypertext transfer protocol
A combo of HTTP and SSL to provide encryption and secure id of an internet server
Digital Divide
A worldwide gap giving advantage to those with access to technology
Personal Area Network
Provide communication over a short distance
single user
Wireless PAN technology that transmits signals over short distances between cell phones, computers and other devices
Wireless LAN (WLAN)
Local area network taht uses radio signals to transmit and receive data over distance of a few hundred feet
Wireless Fidelity
portable devices connect wirelessly to a LAN using access points
Access Point
Computer or network device that serves as an interface between devices and the network
Wireless Access Point
Enables devices to connect to a wireless network to communicate with each other
Multiple in/ multiple out technology
multiple transmitters and receivers allowing them to send and receive greater amounts of informations
Wireless MAN
a metropolitan area network that uses radio signals to transmit and receive data
Smart Phone
offer more advanced computing ability
method of send audio and video files over the internet
service that brings wireless broadband to mobile phones
Radio Frequency ID
uses electronic tags and lables to identify objects wirelessly over short distances
Global Positioning System
Satellite based navigation system providing extremely accurate position, time and speed information
automatic vehicle location
uses gps tracking to track vehicles
represents a north/south measurement of position
represents an east/west
GPS technology adventure game that posts longitude and latitude of item for users to find
Geographic Information system
consists of hardware, software and data that provide location info for display on a multidimensional map
Location Based Services
applications that use location info to provide a service