________ is what you text to a number on your cell phone
Common Short Code
In the book, they refer to when the book shows you an image/icon in your car (tire pressure) its because of __________
Embedded computers
______ uses short-range radio signals to enable specifically enabled computers and devices to communicate with each other.
To find a webpage, the user of a search engine would enter this in the resources text box. The term for this phrase is _______
Search text
Many _______________ models include internal disk drives or memory to store games and other media.
Game Consol
Unlike answering machines a computer in a _______________ converts an analog voice message into digital form
Voice Mail System
What location or type of location would you normally see a wifi zone at?
Hot spot
A _______ is a unique combination of characters such as letters or numbers that identifies one specific user
Fixed wireless is a ______ internet connection
_________ is something that can show you how long a message is on a phone call
Visual voice mail
You need to store and manage all office files for your office. What type of server would you use?
Storage server
Local supermarket allows you to rent your favorite movie is on DVD is a _______?
Vending Kiosk
____________ is the creator of the World Wide Web
Time Berners-Lee
_____ is the process of uploading and downloading files to and from the internet to a server
Technology featured in the trend known as the inter of things is known as ___________
embedded computers
Type of computer that can fit underneath a table is known as a __________
desktop computer
The development and maintenance of webpages is ________?
Web publishing
__________ users use spreadsheet, database, and accounting software
The case that contains and protects the motherboard is known as the ______?
System unit
What kind of user requires the capabilities of a powerful computer is a ________?
Power user
What is the name for a small device that connects to a computer is a ______?
Term for unsolicited mail messages is known as ______?
Gesture that looks like a pinch is known as ______?
The compass looking icon is known as ______?
What separates the components of a domain name?
Periods (.)
Major carriers of network traffic are collectively known as the ________?
Internet Backbone