One of the requirements of a computer that can support artificial intelligence (AI) is to _____
be able to deal with new situations based on previous learning
In the artificial intelligence (AI) field, _____ engineers try to discover “rules of thumb” that enable computers to perform tasks usually handled by humans.
In the context of the decision-making analyses that use information technology, _____ analysis is available in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
_____ perform well at simple, repetitive tasks and can be used to free workers from tedious or hazardous jobs.
_____ is a programming language for controlling robots.
Variable Assembly Language (VAL)
Which of the following statements is true of personal robots?
They have limited mobility.
____ systems have been one of the most successful artificial intelligence (AI)-related technologies.
_____ was the first expert system developed to determine the chemical structure of molecules.
____ is an example of an expert system that can be applied to various financial applications.
_____ is an expert system used for monitoring consumer sentiments in blogs, comment sections, and Web-based articles.
In the context of expert systems, _____ consists of common sense, rules of thumb, educated guesses, and instinctive judgments.
In the context of an expert system, a(n) _____ works with the knowledge base management system to ensure that the knowledge base is as up to date as possible.
knowledge acquisition facility
The knowledge base component of an expert system must include _____, which consists of rules related to a problem or discipline.
heuristic knowledge
____ is a knowledge base component of an expert system and enables an expert system to learn from experience and examine and extract relevant facts to determine the path to a solution
The _____ component of an expert system is important because it helps give users confidence in the system’s results.
explanation facility
In the context of the components of an expert system, a(n) _____ is similar to the model base component of a decision support system (DSS)
inference engine
In forward chaining technique used by the inference engine component of an expert system, the _____ condition is evaluated first.
In backward chaining technique used by the inference engine component, an expert system starts with the _____ condition.
Intelligent agents are also known as _____.
_____ are software capable of reasoning and following rule-based processes.
intelligent agents
The _____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agent’s ability to learn from previous knowledge and go beyond information given previously.
The _____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agent’s ability to operate with minimum input.
The _____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates its capability to interact with users in a more natural language.
humanlike interface
The _____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agent’s ability to migrate from one platform to another with a minimum of human intervention.
Intelligent agents demonstrate _____, the ability to select problems or situations that need attention and act on them.
With _____ technology, a Web server delivers information to users who have signed up for this service instead of waiting for them to request the information be sent to them.
Network administrators use _____ technology to get antivirus updates to be automatically downloaded on employees’ workstations.
_____ is also known as “on-demand software.”
Software as a service (SaaS)
With the _____ model, users do not need to be concerned with new software versions and compatibility problems because the application service providers (ASPs) offer the most recent version of the software.
software as a service (SaaS)
Which of the following issues is faced by application service providers (ASPs)?
Privacy issues
Which of the following is an advantage of application service providers (ASPs)?
ASPs make certain that software is kept up to date, based on users’ requests.
A disadvantage of an application service provider (ASP) is that:
it does not guarantee that an application will fully meet an organization’s needs.
_____ uses computer-generated, three-dimensional images to create the illusion of interaction in a real-world environment.
Virtual reality
___ refers to giving objects in a virtual reality (VR) environment texture and shading for a three-dimensional (3D) appearance.
___ refers to enabling users to act on objects in a virtual reality (VR) environment, such as using a data glove to pick up and move objects.
In the context of virtual reality (VR) technology, _____ refers to giving users the feeling of being part of an environment by using special hardware and software.
In the context of virtual reality (VR) technology, _____ refers to giving users the sense that they are in another location, even one geographically far away, and can manipulate objects as though they are actually in that location.
In the context of virtual reality (VR) technology, _____ refers to allowing users in different locations to interact and manipulate the same world at the same time by connecting two or more virtual worlds.
networked communication
The most common technology used with an egocentric virtual environment is _____.
a head-mounted display (HMD)
In the context of virtual reality (VR) technology, the main technology used in an exocentric environment is _____.
3D graphics
The _____ component of a virtual reality (VR) system is an input device that captures and records movements of a user’s feet as the user turns in different directions.
A cave automatic virtual environment (CAVE) is a virtual environment consisting of a _____ room in which the walls are rear projection screens.
One major obstacle to using virtual reality (VR) technology is that not enough _____ are currently available to carry out the data transmissions needed for a VR environment capable of re-creating a conference.
fiber optic cables
Users interact via avatars in a(n) _____.
virtual world
Club Penguin is a widely used _____.
virtual world
____ is a small electronic device consisting of a microchip and an antenna and performs the same task as bar codes.
A radio frequency identification tag
____ radio frequency identification (RFID) tags have no internal power supply.
____ radio frequency identification (RFID) tags can be embedded in a sticker or under the human or animal skin.
A(n) _____ is a matrix barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.
QR (quick response) code
Which of the following technologies could be used to prevent one coworker from checking in for another in an organization?