MIS4 Exam Chapter 7, 8 and PPT

The National Science Foundation (NSF) initially restricted Internet use to commercial institutions.
false [PageNo:] 120
An example of an IP address is 208.77.188.
false [PageNo:] 120
The .org domain name is used for backbone, regional, and commercial networks.
false [PageNo:] 122
The Internet started in ____.
B:1969 [PageNo:] 119
In the URL, http://www.csub.edu/~hbidgoli/books.html, ____ represents the name of a directory in which files are stored.
C:~hbidgoli [PageNo:] 122
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera are ____.
C:navigational tools [PageNo:] 123
Search engines use software called “crawlers”, “spiders” or “____.”
D:bots [PageNo:] 124
____ is one of the most widely used services on the Internet.
C:E-mail, [PageNo:] 125
____ are usually formed for people to exchange opinions and ideas on a specific topic, usually of a technical or scholarly nature.
.D:Discussion groups [PageNo:] 125
InfoHub.com is a(n) ____ Web site.
A:travel and tourism [PageNo:] 126
The Federal Express Tracking System is an example of a(n) ____.
C:extranet [PageNo:] 133
A(n) ____ is a type of Web site that allows users to add, delete, and sometimes modify content.
D:wiki [PageNo:] 134
A podcast has a specific ____ and is defined with an XML item tag.
C:URL [PageNo:] 136
The Internet2 (I2) project started in 1987 and has been planned as a(n) ____ network.
B:decentralized [PageNo:] 137
Very small businesses usually cannot use the Internet and e-commerce applications to gain a competitive edge.
false [PageNo:] 144
In the case of Staples e-commerce has replaced traditional commerce.
false [PageNo:] 146
Another term that is use interchangeably with e-commerce is ____.
A:e-business [PageNo:] 141
The Internet has improved productivity in many organizations but this improvement must be converted to ____.
A:profitability [PageNo:] 144
Using the ____ model brings sellers and buyers together on the Web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties.
B:brokerage [PageNo:] 145
E-commerce sites that use the ____ model collect information on consumers and businesses and then sell this information to other companies for marketing purposes.
D:informediary [PageNo:] 146
____ is a site that facilitates C2C e-commerce.
D:eBay [PageNo:] 147
The main objective of ____ is to prevent purchases from suppliers that are not on the approved list of sellers and to eliminate the processing costs of purchases.
B:e-procurement [PageNo:] 150
A ____ generates revenue from the fees charged for matching buyers and sellers.
C:third-party exchange marketplace [PageNo:] 150
A ____ market concentrates on a specific function or business and automates this function or process for different industries.
B:horizontal [PageNo:] 151
____ is an electronic version of a paper check.
C:E-check [PageNo:] 153
____ is a popular on-line payment system used in many on-line auction sites.
C:PayPal [PageNo:] 153
Which term describes one user viewing one ad?
C:ad impression [PageNo:] 153
With ____ technology information is sent to users based on their previous inquiries, interests, or specifications.
B:push [PageNo:] 154
____ is a method for improving the volume or quality of traffic to a Web site.
B:SEO [PageNo:] 154
The ____ is the first slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
B:Title slide
A ____ is a coordinated set of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and effects.
In PowerPoint terms ____ a photo means cutting out the parts you don’t want to include.,
To indicate that a word might be misspelled
a ____ squiggly line appears under it.,A:red
When you print ____ the presentation is printed with one or more slides on each piece of paper.