the art and science of creating computer system that simulate human thought and behavior are referred to as ____.
artificial intelligence
AI systems typically include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
the ability to apply judgement to a problem
all of the following are AI methodologies that rely on a human to give instructions for problem solving EXCEPT____.
neural networks
____artificial intelligence is very popular in the programming of robots.
the ____area of conventional AI relies on the four Rs for problem solving.
case-based reasoning
a____system is software that is knowledgable in a particular field or area.
in artificial intelligence, ____computation is based on a genetic algorithm to solve complex problems.
computational intelligence is directly related to____.
artificial intelligence
using____logic, results are based on approximate, rather than specific, reasoning.
AI neural networks use ____ to simulate the processing that takes place between neurons in the brain.
a feature of neural networks includes the ability to quickly ____ stored data when new information is identified.
communication and language are key elements in the ____.
Turning Test
a man names ____proposed a test to determine whether a computer can be said to “think.”
Alan Turning
singularity embraces the idea of ____ and other recent trends in technology.
Moore’s Law
a strong advocate of the singularity concept is ____.
Ray Kurzweil
one important characteristic of artificial intelligence is when a device modifies its own behavior based on its ability to learn, also known as____.
machine learning
an expert system uses ____ to find a solution using a trial-and-error method of problem solving.
the concept of singularity predicts the computers will be____.
an expert system relies on ____ to solve a problem or make recommendations.
all of the following are examples of AI methodologies EXCEPT____.
emotional intelligence
medical robots are built with ____capabilities to perform sophisticated surgeries.
the ____ Grand Challenge is the ultimate robotic test.
combining hardware and AI software provides the opportunity for ____.
a popular video game system that has applied the AI application computer vision is.
speech recognition technology has advanced to the point that some users are considering it as an alternative to____.
one challenge with speech recognition software is its ability to____words that sound the same but have different meanings.
speech recognition, handwriting recognition and face recognition all fall under the AI category of ____recognition.
facial recognition is used as a ____ process to tag photos in Facebook.
one use for a ____is to search for information pertaining to a specific query.
intelligent agent
searching the Web for the best deal on an airline flight is a good example of ____at work.
an intelligent agent
artists use a branch of artificial intelligence called ____to express themselves through computers.
artificial creativity
AI expert ____has created an AI program he calls the Cybernetic Poet that can create poetry in the style of human poets.
Ray Kurzweil
AI applications add knowledge and ____ to existing applications.