Mult Choice 15

Chinese folktale.
“The desire for immortality has its own pitfalls” is a message communicated in a
can be academically intriguing.
The study of death and dying
Heritage is best understood by exploring cultural associations, social class, and
help children with death and bereavement.
In Italy, Francesco Campione began an organization, Projecto Rivivere, that uses the Internet to
In which country does the name of the primary death education organization translate as “The Association for Thinking about Life and Death”?
dynamic exchange between theory and practice that makes research a useful form of gaining knowledge.
According to David Balk, bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners requires
community participation in end-of-life care.
“Compassionate cities,” a term coined by Allan Kellehear, denotes a model of public health that encourages
death imagery in advertising design.
The shoe advertisement shown in the text illustrates
Dying at a young age was considered exceptional luck, whereas in our society it is considered a misfortune.
In considering various ways of defining a “good death,” which of the following statements about ancient Greece is true?
seeing the dying person not as a disease but in the context of his or her life.
One component of a “good death” is the affirmation of the whole person. This involves
An alternative way of defining a good death has been offered by Stu Farber and his colleagues. They propose the term __________ death and define it as a nonjudgmental relationship emphasizing the mutuality of caregivers and patients.
Rid ourselves of the notion that death is never appropriate.
According to Avery Weisman, what is the first step required in order to achieve an appropriate death?
Edwin Shneidman.
Natural, expected, honorable, and rueful are among the “criteria for a good death” suggested by
person’s post-self.
Edwin Shneidman suggests that the good death focuses not just on the person’s dying, but also on the
What is the term used for individuals who live beyond 100 years?
burial space is at a premium.
In Japan, high-rise cemeteries exist because
Parents of Murdered Children
Which of the following is an example of a specialized support and advocacy group?
Poet Gary Snyder has called attention to the loss of a
the precious precariousness of life.
Death awareness creates an added dimension to living by bringing us into the present and serving as a reminder of
Although death is fundamentally a __________ fact, socially shaped ideas and assumptions create its meaning.