NetPro Module 8

How does a proxy server differ from a packet filtering firewall?
A proxy server operates at the Application layer, while a packet filtering firewall operates at the Network layer
Which of the following is the best device to deploy to protect your private network from a public untrusted network?
You would like to control Internet access based on users, time of day, and websites visited. How can you do this?
Install a proxy server. Allow Internet access only through the proxy server
Which port does Telnet use?
Which of the following network services or protocols uses TCP/IP port 69?
You are configuring a network firewall to allow SMTP outbound email traffic, and POP3 inbound email traffic.
Which of the following TCP/IP ports should you open on the firewall?
25, 110
You have a router that is configured as a firewall. The router is a layer 3 device only.
Which of the following does the router use for identifying allowed or denied packets?
IPO address
You provide Internet access for a local school. You want to control Internet access based on user, and prevent access to specific URLs.
Which type of firewall should you install?
You have been given a laptop to use for work. You connect the laptop to your company network, use it from home, and use it while traveling.
You want to protect the laptop from Internet-based attacks.
Which solution should you use?
Host based firewall
An all-in-one security appliance is best suited for which type of implementation?
A remote office with no onsite technician
You are an administrator for a large company. You are setting up a computer at a worker’s home so he can telecommute while he recovers from surgery.
You want to connect to the UNIX server at the office to update his account information.
Which utility should you use to accomplish this task?
After blocking a number of ports to secure your server, you are unable to send email. To allow email service which of the following needs to be done?
Which of the following does a router acting as a firewall use to control which packets are forwarded or dropped?
When designing a firewall, what is the recommended approach for opening and closing ports?
Close all ports; open only ports required by applications inside the DMZ
What is the letters ACL stand for?
Access Control List