network 1 ch 10

The physical computer on a virtual machine is known as a _
Each VM is known as a ____.
____ is the most widely implemented virtualization software today.
To connect to a network, a virtual machine requires a ____.
virtual adapter
Upon creation, each vNIC is automatically assigned a ____.
MAC address
connect vNICs with a network, whether virtual or physical.
Virtual bridges
In the NAT networking mode, a vNIC relies on the ____ to act as a NAT device
host machine
____ mode is appropriate for test networks or if you simply need to install a different operating system on your workstation to use a program that is incompatible with your host’s operating system.
____ refers to dialing directly into a private network’s or ISP’s remote access server to log on to a network.
Dial-up networking
When a server compares a user’s credentials with those in its database, the process is known as ____.
In the case of dial-up networking, the term ____ refers to a modem.
serial connection
A ____ uses very little hard disk space or processing power from the workstation on which it is installed.
thin client
____ is an open source system designed to allow one workstation to remotely manipulate and receive screen updates from another workstation.
____ are wide area networks that are logically defined over public transmission systems.
VPNs can be classified based on the kinds of ____ they connect.
In a ____ VPN, tunnels connect multiple sites on a WAN.
A VPN tunneling protocol operates at the ____ layer.
Data Link
On network diagrams, the Internet is frequently depicted as a ____.
In ____, each datagram can follow one of many paths to reach its destination.
packet switching
___ desktops are desktop operating environments hosted virtually, on a different physical computer from the one with which the user interacts.
____ is the remote virtual computing software that comes with Windows client and server operating systems.
Remote Desktop