Operating Systems both linux and windows books 5th edition Chapter 3 questions

True/False CPUs that run faster generally require more energy and generate more heat.
If two parts of the same process can be executed simultaneously by the CPU, what feature is being used?
T/F A bus is the chip that performs the actual computational and logic work.
T/F The more command should not be used on binary files.
Which CPU, developed originally by DEC, had 64-bit data and address buses, and was the first chip to reach 1 GHz?
Level 3
Which type of cache is found as part of more advanced CPUs, is shared among the CPU cores and typically comes in sizes of 8 and 16 MB?
Which part of the CPU is the “director of operations?”
You have found an old dusty computer in your basement that you can identify as an original IBM PC. You ask your friend if he knows what CPU was used in these computers. Which of the following represents a correct response to your question?
In vi, using command mode, what series of key presses below will cause the line on which the cursor is on to be deleted?
T/F It is acceptable to use shell metacharacters when naming files.
T/F The command strings /bin/echo displays the raw binary characters inside the /bin/echo binary executable program.
Using wildcard metacharacters, how can one indicate a number is either 1, 2, 3, or 4?
When issuing the ls -F command, what special character indicates a linked file?
Which character(s) below represent extended regular expression metacharacter(s)?
Which type of CPU was designed jointly by Motorola, Apple, and IBM?
T/F The address bus almost always runs faster than the external clock speed of the CPU.
Which AMD processor line has 8 cores and runs up to 4.7 GHz?
You have heard that the Linux distribution your are going to install to run a new application runs best on a RISC architecture. Which of the following CPU families should you consider for the computer on which you will install this Linux distribution?
Which of the following is best described as a technology that enables a single processor to appear as two processors to the OS and allows multiple threads to run simultaneously?
What command is most effective at identifying different types of files?
T/F A RISC CPU performs more complex instructions and use a uniform number of clock cycles for each instruction.
64K bytes
If your address bus is 16-bits wide, approximately how much memory can your computer address?
ls -l
Select the command below that can be used to provide a long listing for each file in a directory:
cat data
To display the contents of a text file called data, what command should be used?
Which feature of RISC CPUs allows the processor to operate on one instruction at the same time it is fetching one or more subsequent instructions?
Which of the following key combinations, commonly used in the vi editor command mode, displays current line statistics?
64 bit address bus
You want your server to be able to access up to 32 GB of RAM. What should you be looking for?
time slicing
What is a name given to the process of a CPU switching between applications very quickly?
To display a text file in reverse order, what command should be used?
It is less complicated and can perform pipelining more effectively.
Which of the following is true about RISC CPU hardware?
Control bus
You are troubleshooting a computer that is in the design phase. The problem you see is that the CPU is not receiving information about the status of resources and devices connected to the computer. The CPU is also not receiving IRQs. What component of the computer do you suspect could be the problem?
multicore processor
A CPU that has two or more sections that read and execute instructions is referred to as which of the following?
If enough unique letters of a directory name have been typed, what key can be pressed to activate the BASH shell’s completion feature?
L1 Cache
If you are designing a CPU on which you want to memory that can be accessed at the internal clock speed of the CPU, which type of memory are you concerned with?
In the GNU Emacs editor, what key combination can be used to delete all characters between the cursor and the end of the line?
Operating System
In which part of a computer does CPU scheduling occur?
T/F Pressing the Esc key at the prompt while using the more command displays a help screen.
8 Gigabytes
Approximately how much data could a CPU with an external clock speed of 2 GHz and a 32-bit data bus transfer per second?
The Intel Itanium processor is a CISC-based processor that uses a 128-bit architecture.
cache controller
Which hardware component predicts what data will be needed and makes that data available to the CPU’s internal memory?
T/F Linux uses a logical directory tree to organize files into different folders.
Emacs editor
The LISP artificial intelligence programming language can be used with which text editor below?
Data bus
If you are concerned about how many bytes per second you computer can transfer from main memory to the CPU, what part of the computer are you concerned with?
tail -5
What command can be used to display the last five lines of a text file?
While troubleshooting a computer hardware problem, you find that the processor is not being informed when a device has data ready to be read or written. What is the likely problem?
command mode
In what mode does the vi editor open by default?
cd ../..
In order to move from the /home/joe/test/data to the /home/joe directory, what command below should be issued?
Which CPU vendor developed a processor called Athlon?
What command can be issued to confirm what directory you are in at a command line prompt?
intel core i7
You are creating specifications for a new high-end workstation. Which CPU should you choose if you want at least six CPU cores?
What metacharacter can be used to refer to the current user’s home directory?
Select the regular expression metacharacter that matches 0 or more occurrences of the previous character.
Which switch below can be added to the ls command to show a list of files and their type?
Phenom II
You are building a new PC for yourself. You want your computer to have a quad-core processor made by AMD. Which processor family should you choose?