Organizational Behavior Chapter 9

the scientific method used in achieving a practical purpose.
Technological determinism
states “what can be developed will be developed”
Ethical lag
situation in which the speed of technological change far exceed that of ethical development
Symptom of technological intoxication include:
• We favor the quick fix
• We accept violence as normal
• We love technology as a toy
• We live our lives distanced and distracted.
Selling products and services online
Intellectual property
copyrighted material, i.e. movies, songs, and poems
use of electronic means by a company to watch or monitor its employees
number one ethical issue in doing business over the Internet
potential invasion of privacy
technique that lures prey into revealing passwords and other private data by providing a convincing online offer
Most intensely monitored employee activities
e-mail, texting, and or other Internet usage
Primary reasons that companies use survailence
due to the advent and availability of inexpensive surveillance technologies
deals with the ethical issues embedded in the use of biotechnology
Non GMO movement
about the safety of genetically modified foods